RightFax Use Case: Large Community Medical Center

RightFax remains the de facto fax solution within healthcare given its wide array of features, functionalities and native integrations to EMR / EHR systems. For these reasons, a large scale community medical center transitioned to RightFax in mid-2013. Prior to implementing RightFax, the medical center was using multifunction devices within their various departments and back offices. The emergence of HIPAA and the cost associated with fax-enabling their MFD / MFP (multi-function printer) fleet led them to search for a more cost-effective, compliant and secure method of document distribution. Security was a primary concern, as paper faxes pose a profound compliance risk, and even electronic data (if not properly encrypted), can be a major liability.

After a year of RightFax use, the medical center is thrilled with its investment. RightFax has been integrated with the EMR and email systems for automated faxing and a user-friendly workflow. RightFax integration has also fax-enabled the MFD fleet, thus leveraging their existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of buying fax kits for those devices. According to one network admin, “RightFax has served as a big win for us. It’s a high visibility project that addresses both compliance demands and saves us a bunch of money. Not to mention, it makes things easy for me and my team to manage.”

More and more hospitals, clinics and medical centers are transitioning from traditional faxing methods to RightFax fax server technology. RightFax is suitable for organizations of any nature and size, and can plug into diverse sets of existing infrastructure through various available APIs. Do not waste time; schedule a free RightFax consultation with the experts at MyPaperlessFax today!

RightFax 9.4 Sustaining Maintenance

RightFax 9.4 comes into Sustaining Maintenance on May 31st, 2014. At the end of May, OpenText, the manufacturer of RightFax, will no longer support RightFax Version 9.4. What does this all mean? Well, version 9.4 will certainly continue to work and, given the stability and reliability of the RightFax platform, will probably work well. In fact, it is very likely that you would have no idea that it is an unsupported version…until something goes wrong.

rightfax 9.4 Sustaining Maintenance May 31st, 2014

When OpenText no longer supports a version of RightFax, OpenText developers will no longer release subsequent patches or updates to fix any sort of problems that may arise with your RightFax environment. The lack of new updates and releases leaves your RightFax environment vulnerable to significant down time, which can be caused by even a simple Microsoft update. As any RightFax administrator or user knows, RightFax server down time can have a significant effect on customer or client relations.

Protect your RightFax investment and ensure that your fax server environment is as up-to-date as possible. While the RightFax experts at MyPaperlessFax will continue to support your unsupported RightFax environment, upgrading to RightFax Version 10.6 is the only way to ensure that your RightFax environment remains as sturdy and reliable as you’ve come to expect. Contact the RightFax experts at MyPaperlessFax to discuss an upgrade path that makes sense for you and your organization.

RightFax Integrates with MediTech

RightFax, the market leading fax server technology and the predominant within the healthcare faxing industry integrates with EMR and EHR applications to deliver best of breed document distribution for healthcare providers and payers. RightFax integrates with MediTech EHR, extending the power and stability of the RightFax platform to MediTech users.

With the healthcare industry subject to increasing compliance demands, organizations must look to a document distribution solution that:

  • Securely distributes PHI
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of fax activity

RightFax provides providers, payers and suppliers the tools necessary to comply with HIPAA regulations. RightFax in an inherently secure platform with encryption options available and grants administrators the tools necessary to have a full audit log of fax activity. The fax server is much more than a way for MediTech users to distribute PHI securely. By integrating MediTech with RightFax, organizations can expect to:

  • Fax directly from MediTech EMR
  • Customize inbound fax routing to email, network folder or web-client
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper faxing
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Management of phonebook contacts

Integrating with RightFax allows MediTech users to not only stay in compliance with federal regulations, but it allows healthcare organizations to cut costs and streamline existing fax practices. Simply put, RightFax allows healthcare organizations to focus less on menial administrative tasks and focus on patient oriented care.

Mobile Fax for RightFax

RightFax provides mobile fax capabilities by combining the power of the market leading fax solution with the portability of your cellphone with the new RightFax Mobile Web-Client. The new mobile web-client grants mobile fax capabilities catered to on-the-go, out of office employees. With the RightFax Mobile Fax application, users are able to:

  • Fax directly from their mobile device
  • Attach necessary documents and cover page information
  • Monitor the successful transmission of faxes
  • View sent faxes

RightFax Mobile Fax application provides mobile faxing capabilities

With the new mobile application, RightFax users can fax directly from their mobile device with a simple and intuitive interface resembling the RightFax Web-Client. The mobile app is a perfect solution for in-the-field healthcare professionals and other remote users who require portable and secure transmission of information.

RightFax 10.6: Updated RightFax Admin Dashboard

RightFax 10.6 provides administrators many tools to simplify management of their RightFax environments. We have touched on the tools that help administrators roll out RightFax across the enterprise. The RightFax Admin Dashboard, however, eases the task of administering a RightFax environment. The RightFax Admin Dashboard allows administrators the ability to monitor the activity of a RightFax environment across the enterprise. No matter if you have a single server, or a 4 server collective, the Admin Dashboard gives administrators a single utility to assist in management of the fax server. With the updated Dashboard, administrators can:

  • Monitor fax channel distributed use across a period of time
  • Assess fax volume over a certain time period
  • Gauge how many CPU cycles are spinning and how much hard drive is being utilized on a given server
  • Monitor work requests, DocTransports, and Local WorkServers

Using the Admin Dash facilitates easy management of the market leading fax server. The Admin Dash is also available within the web-client which makes checking and monitoring the RightFax environment as easy as opening a web-browser, allowing administrators the luxury of managing the environment from their home, a coffee shop or the beach!