RightFax Consulting and Analysis

RightFax consulting by Paperless Productivity includes a broad range of consulting services depending on the scope, complexity and objectives of your Business Information Delivery Initiative. You can engage Paperless Productivity professionals at key points in your project to provide expert assistance in the solution planning, design, development and implementation of solutions using RightFax Fax Server.

Business Analytics

One of the most challenging and critical aspects of any technology deployment is ensuring that solution requirements are closely aligned with business objectives and clearly understood by all key stakeholders. Paperless Productivity services provide a solid foundation for the development of RightFax Fax Server solutions by accurately identifying and specifying business, user, functional and quality requirements. Regardless of whether you choose to develop your solutions using in-house resources or Paperless Productivity's professional services, you can engage those resources with the confidence that we (and you) are fully prepared to help you with a successful project that will yield significant and sustained business value.

Business Process Management and Improvement

Business process management and RightFax workflow solutions will offer numerous and significant advantages over traditional application systems for improving business process performance. Paperless Productivity's business analysts specialize in helping you achieve the most from your Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiatives by providing these key services:

  • Business Process Analysis and Modeling for RightFax Fax Server
  • Integration, Data and Performance Specification
  • Workflow Design and Optimization for RightFax software

Technology Consulting Services

Paperless Productivity Technology Consulting Services provide solutions architects and engineers with deep product expertise and extensive practical solutions development experience to assist you with:

  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Solution Architecture Planning and Validation
  • Effective Use of RightFax Fax Software Product API's
  • Solution Design and Code Assessment

Paperless Productivity technology consultants can also provide advice and guidance on how to use the toolkits and frameworks offered through our Developer Program. We can help you integrate with RightFax products with a variety of platforms, third- party products and in-house systems. Our consultants can provide both on-site and remote support and services, building a successful partnership with your IT team, so that they can become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

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