What's New In RightFax 22.2?

RightFax 22 Enhancement Pack 2 (22.2) builds on the previous release with updated administrative features, minor compatibility changes, and several connector and workflow enhancements.

Please note: system requirements have not changed drastically, but you may need to upgrade some older software for compatibility. Consult this page for a comprehensive guide, or feel to reach out directly.

Automatic Disabling of Inactive Accounts

In version 22.2, it's now possible to configure the server to automatically disable RightFaxt user accounts that have become inactive. This simple, time-saving feature lets admins reduce security risk and take one more task off their plate.

Connector Enhancements

RightFax Connect, the SAP Connector, and Web Applications have all received behind-the-scenes architectural improvements for a snappier user experience.

Internet Explorer Support Ended

RightFax 22.2 and later will no longer support Internet Explorer. This comes as Microsoft's newer browser, the Chromium-based Edge, has obtained a market share several times larger than that of IE.

Plan Your Upgrade to RightFax 22.2

Release 22.2 brings incremental improvements to further secure and streamline enterprise faxing. If you'd like to take advantage of these enhancements, bring an unsupported RightFax version up to date, or simply explore modern faxing for your organization, then contact us today for a free consultation with a RightFax solution architect.

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