RightFax integrates with Epic EMR software to help healthcare providers meet strict compliance standards and control mounting operational costs. More than ever before, speedy and safe sharing of PHI and other sensitive information is integral to the success of patient-centric healthcare organizations. Consequently, providers who implement new and creative solutions to the problem of confidential document transmission will be more profitable and effective in the coming years.

Imagine the possibilities when industry-leading Epic Systems Ambulatory and Inpatient EMR meets secure, efficient fax server technology. This market-leading server/hosted fax solution facilitates inbound and outbound fax integration with Epic EMR software and customized CareConnect deployments. An integrated faxing solution helps ensure HIPAA-compliant faxing while minimizing its costs, and makes it easier than ever to:

  • Effortless, instant faxing from the Epic Hyperspace client
  • Fax prescriptions from Order Entry
  • Fax referral or thank-you letters to physicians
  • Fax lab results
  • Fax health information, such as legal medical records


RightFax Optimizes Epic Inbound / Outbound Faxing

Epic EMR fax server integration eliminates steps in the faxing process, reduces your organizations’ exposure to risk, and makes faxing quick and easy. This fax solution offers secure “point-to-point” communications with encrypted delivery options that ensure each document’s integrity. Epic Ambulatory and Inpatient EMR users can expect to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Manage Epic inbound fax delivery to e-mail, web-client, or a network folder
  • Get fax transmission notifications via e-mail, web-client, or printing
  • Leverage use of already existing multi-function printers (MFPs)
  • Build a complete audit trail

Remote and online outbound faxing from Epic is as easy as clicking “Print.” With a couple quick keystrokes, the user can promptly and securely fax confidential information to providers, insurers, pharmacies, and other parties.

Faxing From Epic Print Server (EPS)

We often advise clients that if their application can print, then it can fax, too. So, for the many organizations that have invested in Epic Print Server, what better way to get value out of this notoriously complex feature than by using it to help eliminate paper faxing in the first place?

Removing the need for paper faxing gets rid of much printing in the first place, which in turn allows for simpler EPS configurations. Additionally, faxing directly becomes as transparent and friendly to Epic Hyperspace users as the print process to which they’re accustomed—but without all the waste and headaches!

Epic Radiant Fax Integration

Epic’s Radiant has proven itself as a world-class RIS for large providers with complex workflows. However, despite its tight integration with Epic’s core EMR, Radiant does not offer an equally seamless RIS fax experience. Fax is essential even in processes around digital imaging, but too often the “solution” is an under-engineered online fax service or even a fleet of costly fax machines and MFDs.

As Radiant customers realize the cost and headache of those alternatives, many turn to RightFax for its robust, secure, and scalable fax services. With proper implementation, RightFax gives fax users a smooth, speedy experience that matches the high standard of their Radiant + Epic deployment.

Importing Documents into Epic without Paper

Epic users frequently import not just faxes, but a host of other documents into their EHR.

This is even more prevalent for joint Epic-OnBase customers. Thanks to their tight integration, Epic easily feeds docs into and pulls them from OnBase ECM.

But making these documents available in the first place too often requires printing and scanning—even when the document is from a digital source.

Epic’s Express Scan utility eliminates this unnecessary printing and scanning.

Epic Express Scan tool for Epic/OnBase document import without printing or scanning

The Express Scan utility lets users print to the Epic Express Scan printer or to the Highland Software Virtual Printer. Then, it delivers the document almost instantly, and totally paper-free, to Epic or OnBase.

Virtually everyone is familiar with the usual File > Print process, so adoption is quick and involves minimal guidance.

EpicCare & CareConnect Faxing

Whether you have a long-standing Epic deployment or are just beginning to roll out the latest CareConnect solution (a highly customized system based on EpicCare), there is much to gain and save through RightFax integration. As leading EMR fax experts, we have successfully deployed robust and cost-effective RightFax servers for Epic users nationwide.

Click here or call us toll-free 1-877 MY FAXING (693-2946) today to schedule a live demonstration and witness how Epic fax server integration can ensure HIPAA compliance and minimize operational costs for your organization.