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With ubiquitous broadband, ultra-portable devices, and efficient communications software, the biggest hurdles to remote productivity have already been cleared. But for many organizations, faxing hasn't quite caught up to the flexibility of their other systems. That's why work-from-home fax solutions can fix or prevent the issues that keep employees from being flexible and productive regardless of when or where they work.

Handling critical documents anytime and anywhere is practically second nature for workers at high-tech companies that were 'born' digital. But is it really possible in more traditional firms, with hard-copy archives and fax machines galore? With the right remote fax system in place, the answer is a clear "yes."

Remote RightFax Access for Secure, Company-Wide Faxing

When nearly every document starts and ends in cloud storage or a network share, the impediments to remote work are minimal. However, this isn't always the case for our clients: perhaps "wet" signatures are required, original documents are mandatory, or there is simply too much information on paper for one to be productive outside of the office. As the long-time market leader in the enterprise digital fax space, RightFax has addressed these issues by evolving into a fax platform that's as powerful for home-office workers as for their colleagues in cubicles.

  • Deploy your choice of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid fax architecture
  • Provide a fully functional remote fax experience across devices
  • Give traveling and branch-office workers the flexibility to go where business takes them, without fear of missing important papers
  • Provide legally valid digital signatures and documents without ever touching another fax machine
  • Globally enforce key enterprise fax policies, like privacy rules and view/forward tracking

With practically unlimited admin and networking options, plus universal device compatibility, it's clear that no other work-from-home fax software provides RightFax's combination of enterprise-grade functionality and home-office usability.

Paperless Productivity® Work-from-Home Fax Solutions

A trusted digital fax solution like RightFax, in conjunction with the document pros at Paperless Productivity, guarantees a robust and highly secure remote fax platform. Compliance with even the most stringent standards—HIPAA and PCI DSS, for instance—is fully supported.

But the immediate privacy and productivity boosts are not the end of the story. In fact, customers starting out with a paper-based fax workflow usually realize a positive ROI on their RightFax implementation within 6-12 months. And for especially high-volume or complex workflows, the timeframe may be even shorter.

If realizing cost savings, granting greater worker flexibility, or automating digital archiving is on your to-do list, then please contact our team today either online or at 877 MY FAXING (+1 877 693-2946).

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