Today, virtually every office uses MFPs for faxing, printing, scanning, and other critical daily processes. Ricoh is often the manufacturer of choice thanks to its reputation for quality and innovation, which means it’s a natural integration partner for OpenText, the makers of RightFax.

With RightFax, your organization has multiple ways of turning its Ricoh MFPs into networked fax devices, thereby raising efficiency while minimizing fax-related operating costs.

  • Consolidate faxing into a single, walk-up device with which users are already familiar
  • Eliminate surplus phone lines, since there is no need for 1:1 connections with fax-capable devices
  • Centralize user authentication, phone book management, and more
  • Create custom privacy policies and granular audit trails for every MFP fax you send/receive
  • Fill in cover sheet information from MFPs or PCs, as preferred

The preceding are just a few benefits of a RightFax fax server for Okidata MFPs. And the greater the volume or complexity of your daily MFP faxing, the faster the ROI of RightFax integration.

Ricoh Models for MFP Faxing with RightFax

A large portion of Ricoh’s sizeable MFP product line supports fax server integration. The list below contains most or all such models, but we urge you to contact Paperless Productivity to confirm compatibility.

8055 / 8065 / 8075

9025 / 9033 / 9040 / 9050

9060SP / 9070SP / 9080SP / 9090SP / 9228SP / 9233SP / 9240SP / 9250SP

C2020 / C2525 / C2828

C3030 / C3333 / C3535

C4040 / C4540




C9020 / C9025 / C9120 / C9125 / C9135

LD040 / LD050

LD140SP / LD150SP

LD255 / LD260C / LD265 / LD275

LD360sp / LD370sp / LD380sp / LD390sp

LD420C / LD425 / LD425C / LD430C / LD433 / LD435C / LD445C

LD520C / LD525C / LD528c / LD528SP / LD533c / LD533SP / LD540C / LD550C



MP 2352SP

MP 2501SP / MP 2550 / MP 2553SP

MP 2851SP / MP 2852SP

MP 3053SP

MP 3350SP / MP 3351SP / MP 3352SP / MP 3353SP

MP 4000SP / MP 4001SP / MP 4002SP

MP 5000SP / MP 5001SP / MP 5002SP

MP 5500

MP 6001SP / MP 6002SP

MP 6500

MP 7001SP

MP 7500 / MP 7502SP

MP 8001SP

MP 9001SP / MP 9002SP

MP C2000 / MP C2050 / MP C2051

MP C2500 / MP C2550 / MP C2551

MP C2800

MP C300 / MP C305SPF

MP C3000 / MP C3001 / MP C3002 / MP C3003

MP C3300

MP C3500 / MP C3501 / MP C3502 / MP C3503

MP C400

MP C4000 / MP C4002SP

MP C4500 / MP C4501 / MP C4502 / MP C4502A / MP C4503

MP C5000 / MP C5002SP

MP C5501 / MP C5502 / MP C5502A / MP C5503

MP C6000 / MP C6003

MP C6501 / MP C6502

MP C7500 / MP C7501

MP C8002

SP 5200DN / SP 5200S / SP 5210DN / SP 5210SR


Please note that multiple connectors are available, including manufacturer-specific RightFax MFP Connectors, universal SMTP and XML Connectors, and a Mail-to-Fax Connector. Requirements depend on the customer’s specific device(s), so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about MFP faxing options within your unique environment.

Faxing with MFPs & RightFax

When your organization is ready to explore a RightFax integration for Ricoh MFP faxing, we are here to help. Paperless Productivity offers not only cutting-edge fax solution architecture and consulting, but North America’s premier RightFax support help desk and training services. Please reach out to us today for further information, whether online or by phone at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).