RightFax and Essette Care Management Fax Integration

Outbound and inbound faxing with Essette Care Management, tailor-made for healthcare managers, is robust and accessible with RightFax digital fax technology. Essette is a family of web-based online healthcare service software that can be customized and configured to meet the needs of medical management. Each of these applications can be integrated with core systems such as EZ-CAP, TriZetto, GE / IDX, MHC and others. They can also be installed as "stand alone" applications. All of these applications are simple to use and inexpensive compared to others in the industry.

Essette Care Management Software with RightFax

For both inbound and outbound Essette fax automation, many customers turn to this market-leading digital fax solution, which maintains over four times the market share of its nearest competitors and effortlessly manages the flow of faxes and other electronic documents. By eliminating steps in the faxing process, RightFax reduces organizations’ exposure to risk and makes faxing quick and easy. Users gain secure “point-to-point” communications with certified or encrypted delivery options that ensure the document’s integrity.

Organizations that use RightFax find themselves rapidly cutting costs by streamlining and automating business processes, and better meeting healthcare compliance standards such as HIPAA. Fax integration with Essette healthcare solutions provides an effective solution for electronic medical records and health information management.

Essette Care Management provides:

  • Incorporation of NCQA Complex Care Management Guidelines & CMSA Standards of Best Practice
  • Disease-specific assessments integrating MCG Health
  • Unlimited Care Plans (configurable) including Goals, Interventions, Barriers, and Outcomes
  • Patient information: demographics, authorizations, claims, diagnosis history, medication history, hospital visits, ER visits; all comes from core system
  • Case notes, call logs, and referrals from multiple sources
  • A web-based platform (perfect for telecommuters)

Inpatient Review - helps you quickly approve, deny or adjust bed days and alert claims payment department of denials and adjustments. Discharge plans can be integrated with authorizations that directly feed your core system. Inpatient review lets you report quality issues and route cases to Medical Directors or other departments when needed.

Authorizations - provide automatic approval of rules that you establish which might not be available in your core system. Feed authorizations into your core system and link into your existing provider portal. Generate correspondence including approvals, denials, ICE letters, CMS approved letters, etc.

Correspondence Automation - provides ability to create and maintain letters based on industry standards (CMS, ICE, etc.) and establishes core system trigger needs for business. Security levels can be made for creating, reviewing and printing letters, and departmental routing for review/approval can be set up. Letters can be stored as pdf’s for future retrieval and be linked to other documents for easy access.

Appeals and Grievances - create work flow based on expedited/standard business rules and tasks with due dates to ensure compliance. Scan and store correspondence and medical records and generate correspondence to members and providers.

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