What's New In RightFax 23.4?

RightFax Release 23 Enhancement Pack 4 (23.4) builds on the previous release with updated administrative features, minor compatibility changes, and several connector and workflow enhancements.

Please note: system requirements have not changed drastically, but you may need to upgrade some older software for compatibility. Consult this page for a comprehensive guide, or feel to reach out directly.

Multi-tenant hosting

On-prem RightFax customers can now share their system with up to 64 tenants, and grant each tenant control over local objects like users and covers sheets.

New Cerner integration

Version 23.4 adds native support for Cerner Millennium EHR to existing Cerner integrations.

Greater workflow automation

The Intelligent Workflows OCR feature now recognizes handwriting. RightFax 23.4 also makes workflow optimization easier thanks to improved metadata zone recognition and new workflow reporting.

Pop-up notifications

To improve user experience, the Fax Control module now supports pop-up notifications.

Plan Your Upgrade to RightFax 23.4

Release 23.4 brings incremental improvements to further secure and streamline enterprise faxing. If you'd like to take advantage of these enhancements, bring an unsupported RightFax version up to date, or simply explore modern faxing for your organization, then contact us today for a free consultation with a RightFax solution architect.

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