Last updated: September 8th, 2019.

In 2019, RightFax 16.6 Business Server remains ideal for small- and medium-sized organizations that wish to consolidate their cumbersome fax environment into a centralized, FoIP-friendly fax solution.

It’s also a popular small- and home-office faxing solution, as well as a robust tool for high-volume branch offices.

Customers gain faster and more reliable fax communications, while reducing document distribution costs and enjoying benefits like:

  • Easier regulatory compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and other statutes
  • Ease of management and scaling as your business grows
  • Nuanced administrative controls for highly tailored workflows and policies
  • Better use of network resources, especially IP telephony

RightFax 16 EP6 New Features

Released on July 10th, 2019, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 6 (or “16.6” for short) expands on tried-and-true RightFax features to include:

Better Metadata & Process Management

  • Client-side RightFax Workflows let users manage metadata and tags on the fly, even without a fax-friendly OCR solution
  • Automated Library Documents insert necessary information–like disclaimers or privacy policies–without rearranging standard cover sheets
  • Outbound OCR enhances information security by automatically blocking faxes that contain prohibited text
  • New high-resolution capabilities support fax images up to 400×400, improving readability for humans and OCR software alike

Improved Administration

  • Enterprise Fax Reporter gives admins greater insight into their RightFax Managed Services environments
  • Time of Day Routing finally allows RightFax Connect users to schedule faxes at specific times or in time windows, thereby maximizing capacity during business hours
  • All-new user avatars and visual history in FaxUtil create a clear, intuitive, graphical reference for fax audits
  • RightFax Connect Web Portal improvements bring more self-service and more similarity to the OpenText MyPortal UI
  • TLS support and certificate-based communication maximize AD sync security

RightFax 16.6 Benefits

Right out of the box, you will enjoy the ability to connect up to 30 fax lines in a single fax server. Users are unlimited, and easily added/removed via the newly redesigned administrative interface. An Internet Connector enables free faxing between RightFax servers, and both hosted and on-site email servers can be reached through a secure SMTP connection.

Additionally, various modules offer specialized, à-la-carte features that your particular workflows require. From email to encryption, there is a RightFax module that will ensure seamless and robust fax integration with some of your organization’s most critical systems.

RightFax Licensing Options

Please check here for system requirements. RightFax part numbers for all the above are available on the respective v16, v10.6, v10.5, and v10.0 pages. If eligible, RightFax GSA pricing is also available.

RightFax 16.6 makes it easier than ever to automate your business like never before. With our expert architecture and consulting services, rapid ROI and eager user adoption are the norm. Whatever your fax volume, integration requirements, and security/compliance needs, we look forward to helping you create a reliable and more cost-effective fax environment. To schedule a demonstration, learn more about RightFax, or learn more about our own experience and client successes, please click here or call us toll-free at 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946) today.