RightFax Training for Trainers

RightFax training for your business' training staff is essential to maximize the ROI on your RightFax software solution. All employees must learn how to make full use of the technology in their daily communications. In a large organization, it is often most efficient to have in-house trainers educate the workers on the use of faxing software and its role in paperless document management.

Above all, trainers must:

  • Understand all aspects of the End-User Training
  • Know how to troubleshoot user questions
  • Have custom training documentation and training tools

RightFax Training for Trainers Service

RightFax trainers at your organization will be trained by Paperless Productivity employees who are experts in RightFax. These experts will design programs for your organization’s own trainers, based on your particular fax software solution.

What Do You Offer RightFax Trainers?

  • In-depth instruction in RightFax servers and RightFax software from an end-user perspective
  • All the technical information needed for troubleshooting for end users
  • Development (or assistance with development) of custom training materials

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