RightFax Training for End-Users

RightFax training for end-users is vital for an effective RightFax solution. All end users must understand how RightFax changes their communication processes and how best to use RightFax for efficient, paperless communications document management. Training end-users on fax server operation means more effective product usage and often reduced RightFax support needs as understanding is solidified and implemented across departments.

Paperless Productivity trainers present the information in a clear, concise, and customized fashion, ensuring that RightFax fax software users walk away ready to benefit from your investment by integrating it into daily document workflows.

RightFax Training for End-Users

RightFax training for end-users by the RightFax certified experts at Paperless Productivity is custom tailored to your business-specific RightFax deployment. End-users can expect to gain a working knowledge of RightFax capabilities and functionality within their daily processes. RightFax end-user training will prepare your workforce to fully optimize the benefits provided by RightFax fax server technology. The end-user training experience consists of:

  • Online training or conference room training with 8-14 users at a time
  • Custom user training tailored to the RightFax support solution deployment at your organization
  • Explanation of topics including inbound and outbound faxing from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, RightFax Web Access client, or RightFax Desktop Fax Printer

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