RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4)

Last updated: July 10th, 2019.

RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4) delivers major usability improvements for end users and admins alike. Highlights of this July 16th, 2018 release include:

New, full-featured web client

RightFax FaxUtil Web extends desktop capabilities to any browser. The longstanding FaxUtil client remains available, of course, but many customers will prefer the web client's ease of access and lack of administration.

Sophisticated native archival

Organizations often use third-party tools for fax archival management. However, they tend to add costs, degrade performance, and require disappointingly time-consuming management.

New for v16.4, RightFax Archive replaces these external tools with a native and fully integrated module. It keeps all fax content within RightFax itself, which means convenient access and straightforward retention management.

RightFax Archive also includes an optical character recognition (OCR) component that makes fax content and metadata quickly searchable.

Simplified and better integrated SMS

The overhauled SMS Service lets users build text messages into document workflows. It even extends SMS to your line-of-business software, which creates a new way to text-enable legacy applications with minimal effort.

Deeper fax analytics

Enhancement Pack 4 brings the second iteration of RightFax Analytics, with several highly requested updates:

  • Permissions for non-admin user access
  • Individual channel-level data for improved capacity planning and telecom/architecture decisions
  • A full year of data for key metrics, all the way down to individual faxes

Support for TLS over SIP

The new Secure FoIP channel option uses TLS to support encryption behind the firewall. It's available as an upgrade for existing fax-over-IP channels, and can of course be deployed from scratch as part of a FoIP migration.

Cloud-based data capture and extraction

The OpenText Cloud Capture service is external to RightFax, but the two are often used in conjunction for fax data extraction and bar code routing.

Now, RightFax integrates directly with Cloud Capture to streamline your fax server's role in document workflows automation.

Note that this integration requires RightFax Connect.

Private fax capacity sharing

RightFax customers often wrangle with two questions.

  • How can we make better use of excess capacity?
  • Can we extend our fax service to our affiliates?

The new RightFax eBusiness License addresses both by turning your RightFax server into a multi-tenant fax platform.

It securely shares your server capacity with a so-called "Exclusive Group" of your affiliates, business partners, and other associates.

Capacity sharing under the eBusiness License is private, which supports compliance and security on both sides.

RightFax 16 EP4 Pricing & Quotes

Some enhancements apply to all four RightFax editions: Business Server, Enterprise Server, Enterprise Suite and Enterprise Integration.

However, depending on your RightFax implementation, there may be some licensing constraints, system/infrastructure requirements, or other caveats.

Likewise, some out-of-the-box features can still use config steps or settings that aren't obvious, even to experienced RightFax admins.

Your Paperless Productivity® consultant will help you identify the worthwhile features for your own organization, and lay out a sensible and cost-effective path to adopt them.

Meanwhile, you can browse all RightFax 16.4 part numbers to get a sense of the full range of server software, connectors, and other additions.

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