RightFax With Oracle Fusion & Oracle E-Business Suite

RightFax integrates with Oracle Fusion & Oracle E-Business Suite to solve enterprise faxing at scale.

Fax remains a challenge with cloud-based Fusion Applications as well their on-prem EBS predecessors. Aside from archaic CUPS configuration, there's no simple way to send or receive faxes.

RightFax's native Oracle Connector and Integration Module provides a scalable, manageable, and modern fax alternative.

The Issue With Oracle Fusion & EBS Faxing

Like many Oracle Fusion/EBS customers, your small suppliers might expect POs and send invoices via fax. Perhaps your shipping partners generate paper bills of lading. Or perhaps internal stakeholders prefer BI Publisher print-outs.

In any case, Oracle has never provided a tidy solution. Rather, they encourage customers to set up a Common Unix Printing Server (CUPS) and fax4CUPS extension.

While technically functional, those outdated tools are extremely limited. They offer:

  • No inbound fax capabilities
  • No centralized fax and user management
  • No workflow automation
  • No time-saving tools like OCR text extraction, document routing, or archival

...without extensive, expensive, high-maintenance custom programming.

RightFax and Private Fax Cloud® provide all the above in a pre-configured package—plus a bevy of extensions and integrations for virtually all enterprise software you use alongside Oracle.

RightFax Optimizes Oracle Software

Efficiency, cost-cutting, and compliance pressures have never been greater. In response, line-of-business applications (like your Oracle ERP) are moving to the cloud.

And fax doesn't need to stay behind.

Oracle Fusion or Oracle E-Business Suite integration with RightFax creates a rock-solid document distribution solution without the clunky connectors of yesteryear. Fusion/EBS users can look forward to:

  • Fast transmission times for prompt communication and expedited revenue recognition.
  • Secure delivery options including e-mail, fax, certified e-mail, and encrypted PDFs.
  • Operating cost reduction by eliminating fax devices, consumables, and the staff time they require.
  • Compliance friendliness thanks to granular user controls, a comprehensive audit trail, and real-time delivery receipts.
  • Redundancy and load balancing for reliable uptime and SLA fulfillment.

Coming from the costs and rigidity of old-school fax integration (let alone paper faxing!), a RightFax + Oracle integration is transformative. To schedule a live demo or technical deep-dive, contact our team today.

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