RightFax Architecture Configuration

RightFax architecture is flexible and scalable, enabling nearly endless solution options, as small and simple or as large and complex as your organization demands.

Whether you're starting from scratch, scaling up, or consolidating a RightFax deployment, Paperless Productivity’s expert consultants will help you envision and implement state-of-the-art solution architecture.

For instance, priorities in RightFax architecture engagements often include:

  • Accommodating the end of analog telephony
  • Redundancy, failover, and disaster recovery
  • Capacity optimization and telephony planning
  • Server/VM or cloud service configuration
  • RightFax integration with applications and multi-function devices

RightFax Configuration--Best Practices for RightFax Architecture

RightFax configuration experts at Paperless Productivity will design a successful solution that meets best practices of RightFax, fax-over-IP solution architecture:

  • Do it properly the first time - ripping and replacing is an expensive proposition
  • Set proper expectations with the user community, and meet or exceed them
  • Make sure to anticipate and accommodate every component and nuance

Do it once and do it right – RightFax is a high-visibility project. When you change the way that people send and receive their faxes, the new process must be as good as or better than their current process, or it won’t be adopted. Ripping and replacing can lead to failed implementation, leading to high costs associated with fixing the failed system.

Make sure users have realistic expectations with RightFax – Users should understand exactly what is possible with the software and, more importantly, what demands additional licenses or integration. Proper expectations will always be met and exceeded with Paperless Productivity solution architecture for RightFax.

Account for the full extent of your RightFax integration demands – RightFax fax software integrates with your VoIP / Telecom network, data network, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Mainframe / Unix applications, multiple operating systems, and data repositories. A thorough understanding of how best and most elegantly to integrate RightFax with your specific environment is a cornerstone of Paperless Productivity’s professional services team, and guarantees project success.

Remember that RightFax can be used for inbound and outbound document automation with: OCR software, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange / Outlook, McKesson Horizon Patient Folder, GE Healthcare, Cerner, Epic, NextGen, eCopy, and many more document management software solutions.

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