RightFax Consulting for Healthcare

RightFax environments sustain mission-critical healthcare processes between providers, insurers, suppliers, and numerous back-office stakeholders. Each comes with its own set of challenges, requiring special expertise to design a reliably secure and unified fax platform across the organization.

A Paperless Productivity® healthcare fax consultant will guide your organization to cost-effective communication, easier and more thorough legal compliance, and a higher level of patient care. Our unique expertise resides at the intersection of healthcare, modern fax technology, telecommunications, and healthcare workflow automation. Drawing on these areas, the Paperless team of RightFax consultants delivers expert planning, implementation, and support aspects of a fax deployments throughout the healthcare industry.

RightFax Consulting for Healthcare: The Planning Process

Whether for a new deployment, consolidation of existing systems, or any other type of project, successful engagements start with thorough project planning. We begin by building a deep understanding of requirements such as:

Users — Who needs to fax? Will they send, receive, or both? What sorts of permission are required for whom? How does IT manage user accounts for other applications?

Administration — How centralized should fax server management be? Does the client envision a more active role, or is a turn-key solution preferable? Which other system will the fax admin(s) be responsible for?

Telecom — What telecom architecture is already in place? What will ensure reliable and cost-effective service with excellent up-time? Are there opportunities to streamline and save on telephony at the same time?

Architecture & compliance — Which RightFax editions best align with business and technical needs? Should in the platform reside in the cloud or on-premise? If the latter, then to what extent should it be virtualized? Which legal standards (e.g., HIPAA) does the fax solution need to satisfy?

Integration — Which RightFax-EMR integrations are needed? Would any RightFax modules or add-ons deliver additional value? Which workflows are currently the costliest, and how can we leverage the fax server for deeper healthcare process automation?

Training — Who needs to be a regular user, power user, administrator, and/or internal trainer? Which training format and schedule would be most helpful?

Next Steps in Healthcare Fax Consulting

By beginning with comprehensive fax project planning, as briefly outlined above, we help clients set the stage for broad and rapid adoption, as well as recurring cost savings. In the bigger picture--beyond the fax server or any other application--our goal is to help organizations transform themselves through innovative healthcare document management. Such opportunities abound in today's dynamic healthcare scene, and we look forward to helping you seize them.

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