Fax Over IP Turn-Key Solution

As organizations continue to build out IP infrastructure to move beyond outdated copper, VoIP is moving into wider adoption with FoIP (fax-over-IP / fax over a VoIP network) ramping up quickly.

VoIP and FoIP both use SIP and H.323 protocols, which enable T.38 fax transmission over the IP network.

This consolidation of data and communications resources makes it possible to share a single, common broadband resource and employ the Internet and company Intranets for cost-effective voice, fax and data transmissions over a company’s IP networks. FoIP often is an excellent least cost routing (LCR) solution and helps you leverage resources to reduce costs.

According to over 500 digital fax solution users and potential users, the following benefits are the most significant when implementing or considering a FoIP solution with digital fax software:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings due to network consolidation
  • Ability to push a consistent fax software solution throughout the entire network including remote locations
  • Improved IT management
  • Device/application integration

The Business Benefits of T.38 Fax-over-IP

Organizations planning for an all-IP environment are the likeliest to see a strong ROI on consolidating voice, fax and data communication. When properly configured, today's FoIP technology often exceeds the performance of antiquated copper lines for a fraction of the cost of similar throughput.

T.38 Fax Consulting & Solutions

Many teams see the benefit of T.38/fax-over-IP solutions but are understandably wary of migrating their business-critical telephony.

At Paperless Productivity®, our fax consultants bring a track record of successful FoIP migration at enterprise scale. And through this experience, we've distilled our best practices into a turnkey FoIP package that minimizes time to value.

To see whether a turn-key T.38 fax solution will work for your org, or to discuss your goals with a solution architect, please contact us today.

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