RightFax-VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Turnkey Solution

Implementing a turn-key RightFax fax server solution is a quick and easy way to start going paperless without having to build a suite of products. Paperless Productivity offers you the option to buy pre-built turnkey solutions for VMware and Hyper-V integration with paperless fax technology.

Fax server virtualization through VMware generally uses Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 Fax-over-IP software. SR140 software enables seamless integration with Cisco, Avaya, Quitum and Dialogic Voice Over IP networks and media gateways. Virtualization packages can include one of a variety of faxing software components, such as RightFax.

Now that copper lines are a thing of the past, this architecture is rapidly becoming an industry standard.

By leveraging VMware's virtualization technology, fax servers and faxing software such as RightFax can easily enable customers to lower capital and operational costs while providing an efficient and flexible faxing solution that streamlines and automates business processes.

The faxing software solution can be installed in a virtual server farm in order to provide high availability and redundancy for your fax server solution. VMware software can be configured automatically to relocate the faxing software server from one host to another.

Fax Server Virtualization Benefits

Virtualizing your organization's fax server solution is not a costly or difficult solution to implement. RightFax supports VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments to provide for minimal IT infrastructure footprint and other benefits, including:

  • Business continuity and process automation
  • Increased server utilization
  • Reduced software and hardware costs
  • Increased scalability
  • Streamlined server management

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