Faxing from MFPs often turns into a pain point, especially for clients trying to manage high volumes of business-critical faxes with antiquated, built-in MFP fax functionalities. The lack of central management, excessive number of analog phone lines (usually one per MFP), and sheer number of papers floating around all add up to a costly and inefficient environment.

Network faxing with MFPs can centralize and streamline your organization’s full range of fax services. Furthermore, OKI MFP faxing with RightFax helps both IT and end users realize all the benefits of a cutting-edge enterprise fax server. For example, most offices will:

  • Minimize labor and eliminate the paper and toner previously required for faxing
  • Improve compliance and audit-readiness through customized privacy, security, archival, and audit trail settings
  • Cut telecom costs by leveraging fewer phone lines, or even outsourcing them altogether
  • Automate outbound faxing and integrate with other applications as desired


RightFax Fax Server for MFPs

Unfortunately, many firms that own or are in the market for OKI devices overlook fax functionality until it’s already a problem. RightFax integration can help you make the most of your MFP investment while also bringing a rapid ROI in its own right.

The following list is not necessarily comprehensive, but if any of the following OKI models are in your office or on your shortlist, then contact Paperless Productivity to learn more about MFP faxing with a RightFax server.








Please note that multiple connectors are available, including manufacturer-specific RightFax MFP Connectors, universal SMTP and XML Connectors, and a Mail-to-Fax Connector. Requirements depend on the customer’s specific device(s), so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about MFP faxing options within your unique environment.

MFP Fax Consulting & Services

Paperless Productivity has North America’s leading team of enterprise fax consultants and technical RightFax support staff. Having deployed MFP fax projects for all major device brands, with every imaginable level of complexity, we are ready to put our expertise to work for your organization, too.

To learn more about MFP fax solutions with OKI devices, to arrange a workflow consultation or live demo, or simply pick our brains, please contact a representative online or via phone at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).