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All sorts of business events can lead to inefficient RightFax architecture. For instance, the process of acquisition, expansion, or reorganization can cause fax services to become duplicated. In other cases, large RightFax customers may find that two concurrent but unrelated fax pilot projects gain traction around the same time, leading to redundant platforms in different parts of the company. This phenomenon usually has unintended consequences.

If multiple RightFax instances/clusters aren't technically needed, then the fax environment grows fragmented and unwieldy, which becomes difficult and costly to manage. At Paperless Productivity®, we often hear from customers who no longer have a business reason to keep separate RightFax environments for different people, places, or applications. They would rather consolidate them into a single, centralized platform. Others have already tried to centralize their RightFax environment on the fly, but are getting suboptimal performance due to rushed configuration, rapidly changing requirements, or unfamiliarity with the application's deeper settings.

Increase ROI With RightFax Consolidation

The principle is simple enough: using fewer servers for the same fax volume means that customers get more for their money. But in practice, it's not so simple to implement, as clients need to ask themselves questions like.

  • Do we simply add up all of the scattered RightFax channels, or can we get an economy of scale? If the latter, then what's the best way to maximize it?
  • How can we reconcile things like conflicting permissions, logging/audit trail requirements, and business rules between the servers?
  • What's the best way to recreate existing integrations with the centralized RightFax environment?

...and that's only the beginning!

Answering these sorts of critical questions makes it possible to get the same service level out of a significantly streamlined platform. In fact, overall performance and reliability usually increase despite running fewer resources, thanks to optimizations that we perform during the RightFax consolidation process.

Steps To Get Started With RightFax Centralization

With so much to consider before even touching a server, expert assistance makes the difference between a smooth transition and a high-profile mishap. In the right hands, centralization can transform a RightFax environment from a challenge into an advantage. RightFax implementations run the gamut of scale and complexity, but efficient and centralized fax infrastructure is always valuable.

In our experience, that holds true regardless of a client's size, workflow, industry, or any other factors. That's why we work by a robust set of best practices for RightFax architecture.

These standards for configuration, networking, integration, and even user experience have provided rock-solid fax platforms for Fortune 500 firms and small, local offices alike. To discuss your digital fax consolidation goals, workflow challenges, or other questions with a RightFax pro, please contact us today.

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