RightFax & Athena EMR Faxing With Private Fax Cloud®

Private Fax Cloud® makes it easy to fax from Athenahealth and quickly combine multiple documents into a single fax.

At the same time, this modern approach to faxing also:

  • Simplifies compliance and supports audit readiness
  • Reduces operating costs from both time and consumables
  • Eliminates analog lines and devices while improving deliverability

Under the hood, Private Fax Cloud is a fully-managed RightFax environment. That means a market-leading fax server, thoroughly modern architecture, and two decades of EHR faxing best practices built right in. The result? Reliable and scalable document delivery to/from Athena, with the freedom to automate as much (or as little) as your team needs.

Inbound & Outbound Faxing for Athena EMR

Centralized digital faxing isn't just about efficiency. It's also a critical step toward more meaningful privacy and compliance.

Analog faxing requires users to handle mountains of paper with meticulous care. Yet it provides no audit trail for individual documents, no access controls (besides crude physical barriers), and no simple way to monitor use and system health.

Private Fax Cloud lets administrators track documents, apportion access, and analyze fax use/trends in a way that analog services (or even AthenaFax) just won't allow.

It also replaces costly and outdated analog lines with cost-effective IP or hybrid cloud telephony. Unique to our Private Fax Cloud implementation, this telephony is preconfigured to avoid upward of 90% of the outbound failures that plague more generic FoIP environments.

The user experience is fully digital and device-agnostic. For example, all EHR users can expect to:

  • Manage inbound fax delivery to email, web client, or a network folder
  • Get fax transmission notifications via email, web client, or printing
  • Use existing multi-function printers (MFPs)
  • Build a complete audit trail

From Athena EMR or Athena Practice Management, sending a fax is as easy as clicking "Print." With a couple quick keystrokes, users can fax confidential information promptly and securely.

Fax Capabilities Beyond the EHR

Any application that can print can also transmit through Private Fax Cloud. On its own, that's a vast improvement over analog faxing.

But modern healthcare providers need more to keep up with ever-growing demands.

Several RightFax APIs and integration toolkits enable Private Fax Cloud to work with virtually any other application or MFP/MFD.

The most streamlined and flexible option is the Web API. Its RESTful architecture minimizes development time and maximizes platform compatibility. Additional APIs and native integration tools offer a myriad of other possibilities, too.

There is a way—and often several ways—to incorporate RightFax into any conceivable workflow, so your Paperless Productivity® consultant will help you identify the optimal one.

Athena Fax Server Integration

Whether you have a long-standing Athena EMR implementation, or are just beginning to weigh your options, there's much to gain and save by integrating with RightFax via Private Fax Cloud. As leading EHR fax experts, we have successfully deployed robust and cost-effective fax integrations for Athena users nationwide. Click here to schedule a live demonstration and witness how modern faxing can transform communication, compliance, and cost management in your own organization.

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