RightFax 21 News, Features & Updates

RightFax 21 Enhancement Pack 2 (21.2) builds on the previous release with several new data capture and automation features, plus major integration and security enhancements.

Please note: system requirements have not changed drastically, but you may need to upgrade some older software for compatibility. Consult this page for a comprehensive guide, or feel to reach out directly.

Fax Data Extraction with Intelligent Workflows

The perennial challenge with inbound faxing is digitizing—let alone automating—what comes next. There's still a bottleneck (and source of errors) as long as a human needs to read and process a fax's information.

We've generally solved this with third-party OCR software, and in many scenarios, that's still the best approach. But as of RightFax 21.2, zonal OCR is built into the digital fax software itself. That means automatically capturing, extracting, and acting upon key document fields...without additional software to integrate.

As its name suggests, Intelligent Workflows integrates with the existing RightFax Workflows automation tools. Users can also apply zonal OCR to older faxes to facilitate indexing and searching.

New Native Connector for Allscripts EHR

We've integrated Allscripts with RightFax for many years using a few different techniques. Now, with 21.2, RightFax has released a native connector for this widely deployed EHR.

It retains the streamlined sending and inbound routing that RightFax users expect. But as a native integration, users can also track fax statuses within Allscripts, view faxes associated with individual patients, and even fax directly from a patient record.

API & Security Enhancements

RightFax 21.2 expedites custom development with a new SDK and extensive code samples for the REST API, and also brings back the COM API. On the security side, it introduces NIST-ready audit features and adds OAuth and Azure AD to its list of supported identity and security providers.

Plan Your Upgrade to RightFax 21.2

Release 21 brings several new ways to streamline, automate, and customize enterprise fax management.

If you'd like to take advantage of them, or simply explore their role in your organization, then contact us today for a free consultation with a RightFax solution architect.

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