RightFax Fax Server Integration with Allscripts EHR

Allscripts EHR is your conduit for critical and highly sensitive information. But its limited fax support can create challenges when it comes to getting providers the right info at the right time.

The RightFax Connector for Allscripts integrates digital fax capabilities directly into your Allscripts environment. It also lays the groundwork for secure PHI faxing to/from your other applications, multi-function devices, and even mobile or remote devices.

In light of stringent HIPAA fax compliance and Meaningful Use criteria, secure and reliable healthcare document management has never been more critical—and the RightFax-Allscripts combination has never been more necessary.

Just as Allscripts continues to garner industry recognition and high KLAS ratings, RightFax is the most widely implemented and acclaimed solution of its type. It’s only fitting that Allscripts chose OpenText for native integration with its EHR products, giving customers all the benefits of two best-of-breed applications.

Why Allscripts Inbound / Outbound Fax Integration?

The RightFax Web API enables a seamless integration that users find intuitive and familiar. Following Allscripts-RightFax integration, most organizations see cost and compliance improvements. For example, clients may expect:

  • Completely customized Allscripts inbound fax routing to any local or network destination, including email
  • 100% secure outbound faxing from Allscripts, complete with a full audit trail for every faxed document
  • Freedom to make prescription, referral, and other faxes as automatic or manual as desired
  • Compatibility and/or full native integration with all workplace software

Digital fax integration also creates a comprehensive audit trail, which streamlines HIPAA compliance and internal controls.

Faxing in Allscripts TouchWorks, Professional & Input Manager

Allscripts has invested heavily in smart fax features that streamline information management. With an appropriate faxing platform in place, users can eliminate hours of manual manipulation every day. For instance, the HealthMatics Input Manager module and TouchWorks EHR offer some of the most sophisticated fax handling on the market. Features include:

  • Automatic document indexing
  • Fax image splitting and rotating
  • Patient record routing

...all without printing or scanning a single sheet of paper. In fact, it takes just a couple clicks to create a message, add a cover sheet, and send it securely.

An enterprise-grade fax server like RightFax complements TouchWorks's and Input Manager's fax tools, adding reliability and security behind the scenes to deliver complete and reliable documents to cutting-edge EHR interfaces. Simply put, RightFax is the key to unlocking full, enterprise-scale utility and value from these innovative features.

Legacy McKesson Fax Integrations

After acquiring a large part of McKesson's business in 2017, Allscripts has opened the door even further for reliable, efficient fax server integrations. Like the entire Allscripts suite, any legacy McKesson application is a prime candidate for RightFax deployment. Below, note the simple and intuitive interfaces for transmitting essential documents (purchase orders, in this case).

RightFax print-to-fax feature in Allscripts (formerly McKesson Supply Chain Management)
RightFax print-to-fax feature in Allscripts (formerly McKesson Supply Chain Management)
RightFax integration enhanced fax delivery in Allscripts (formerly McKesson Supply Chain Management)
RightFax integration enhanced fax delivery in Allscripts (formerly McKesson Supply Chain Management)

Consistent, secure faxing makes any application more valuable, and the benefits compound when a single solution such as RightFax works seamlessly with legacy and future software alike.

Allscripts Fax Projects with Paperless Productivity®

It's usually feasible set up inbound and outbound faxing with the entire Allscripts suite of products. Still, we encourage you to discuss your particular needs with a solutions engineer.

Paperless Productivity has helped healthcare providers across North America improve security and compliance efforts while addressing the headaches, risks, and operating costs of antiquated paper-based processes. Our team has the rare combination of extensive fax and telecom knowledge plus detailed understanding of healthcare- and EHR-specific workflow requirements. Every project is back up by comprehensive training and responsive RightFax support, so clients can establish a robust and usable fax solution.

If you're ready to get more out of Allscripts TouchWorks, Allscripts Professional, or other products, then contact us to arrange a complimnentary consultation or live demo.

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