RightFax Integration With OTTR

Integrating RightFax with OTTR software enhances patient tracking and care while facilitating smooth and reliable EMR fax communication. Odds are you’re already familiar with OTTR’s market-leading care management capabilities for everything from lung transplants to bariatric surgery. But did you know that, with a simple fax software integration, it stands to deliver a host of other benefits?

This EMR faxing integration enables administrators and practitioners to reap further benefits from the extensive capabilities of their OTTR: Solid Organ Transplant application by:

  • Creating secure electronic faxing, even in non-“fax enabled” applications
  • Extending the utility and value of an EMR software investment
  • Making HIPAA fax compliance faster and easier, thanks to secure electronic faxing of critical documents from OTTR and other EMR packages

RightFax Solutions Improve OTTR’s Utility

Most EMR software, including OTTR, lacks a fully secure and electronic EMR fax component. Integration with the world’s leading digital fax solution fills in this critical functionality while minimizing document-related costs and errors.

  • Fully customizable inbound and outbound EMR fax routing
  • Sophisticated notification and archival options
  • Detailed audit trail for every document
  • Easy fax integration with virtually all other software you run

If your practice is ready to maximize the value of its OTTR application, then it’s time to explore OTTR fax integration! Contact us online or via phone at 1-877 MY FAXING (693-2946) to arrange a consultation or live demo today.

Easier fax communication, greater document security, and seamless EMR integration. That’s the difference RightFax + OTTR can make in your practice, today.

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