Hosted RightFax & Private Fax Solution Management

It's no surprise that fax accounts for 25% to 50% of all telecom spending in industries like healthcare, finance, and law.

After all, it remains the standard for legally valid, point-to-point transmission. Nothing to date has rivaled its combination of security, familiarity, and ubiquity.

That makes it all the more remarkable that few organizations see fax as more than a distant second in priority to VoIP and telephone networks.

In actuality, we see a mix of fax machines, cloud faxing, and MFPs at the core of operations. Few organizations are truly paperless; those that are, we have often helped to offload scanning and suppress printing, but some amount of paper does and always will sustain certain industries.

Health Fax Services & IT Resources

This adds up to a complex, mission-critical burden on overloaded IT staff.

Did someone request fax access? Call IT!
Are phone lines acting up? Call IT!
Did a vendor roll out an update? Call IT!
Do fax workflows need to change? Call IT!

With such a full plate—and average job tenure of under 24 months—it is unrealistic to expect that IT serve these needs and understand the business thoroughly. Our Help Desk is always there to assist, but for some teams, splitting the difference between internal first-line support and external escalation is not the most efficient plan.

It may be wiser to save IT resources for the myriad of other internal responsibilities, and entrust every aspect of faxing to a dedicated team. A team that simply handles it.

Hosted RightFax Services

Paperless Productivity's fully managed secure cloud fax service lets customers focus on the business priorities that faxing facilitates—not on managing faxing itself. Fax needs tend to be complex and to vary between departments. Anything that frees an organization to spend more time on process and less on infrastructure results in a more responsive, effective, and competitive team. When our dedicated engineers manage your RightFax environment, you gain:

  • A secure, private, networked fax platform dedicated to real-time transmission
  • Elimination of 99.9% of permanent transmission errors (faxes that attempt to receive and never succeed)
  • Enhanced tools for OCR and RPA for efficient, accurate document indexing

Hosted RightFax Architecture & Expertise

Our hosted RightFax service merges our best practices from two decades of fax consulting with your particular network, workflow, UI, and legal/regulatory requirements. This ensures that every customer, every day, receives:

  • Systematic, best-practice implementation and maintenance
  • World-class knowledge of fax technology, on-prem and cloud fax resources, document management, and user fax interfaces
  • A platform and an engineering team primed for EMR and EHR, RIS, cardiology, scheduling, purchasing, and billing fax integration

Below is an example of typical hosted RightFax architecture that we deploy. This particular design works with a load balancer and redundant RightFax instances to support a high volume of enterprise-wide faxing:

A large part of the value of hosted RightFax services is that implementation does not burden customers. That said, we welcome and encourage technically-minded customers to play an active role in shaping their own architecture. Whatever your fax service requirements involve, we have the RightFax expertise to implement and sustain a robust, cost-effective solution. For a hosted RightFax overview, consultation, or technical deep-dive, please contact us today.

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