RightFax Integration with Lumedx CVIS

The Lumedx cardiovascular information system (CVIS) works with RightFax to provide secure, paperless faxing of a full range of cardiovascular patient information. The Lumedx product suite is finely tuned for various cardio workflows, including echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, cardiac surgery, and far more. The central value of all Lumedx workflow solutions is seamless integration of pre-hospital and in-hospital data, which physicians can access anytime and anywhere. In addition to improving the quality and speed of care, Lumedx further helps practices limit costs while monitoring key indicators throughout the practice.

RightFax integrates consolidates all of a practice’s outbound and inbound Lumedx faxing into a single interface. With digital faxing, gone are the days of printing and faxing paper files, with no way to determine which files are actually sent and received. Now, patient information can be sent directly out of your CVIS, and fax metadata are automatically logged for tracking and audit purposes.

Benefits of Lumedx Inbound & Outbound Fax Integration

As the longstanding market leader in EMR faxing, RightFax is particularly popular in the healthcare industry. Whether because of its sophisticated security measures, highly robust native integrations, or sheer cost-effectiveness, it is the first choice of more health care providers than any other enterprise faxing software. Furthermore, once integrated with Lumedx CVIS, your organization will be able to:

  • Eliminate costly, laborious paper-based inbound fax workflows
  • Address the need to print documents for outbound faxes
  • Maximize PHI security, HIPAA fax compliance, and audit readiness
  • Customize and automate fax routing per your requirements
  • Enjoy the efficiency of a single secure faxing process for all documents, regardless of their origin

Paperless Productivity® regularly deploys fax solutions for organizations from community clinics to regional/national health care systems. Our consultants and engineers understand health care fax workflows inside-out—and what’s more, they have the technical expertise to craft a usable and dependable solution, every time, complete with comprehensive training and premier RightFax support.

To learn more about inbound or outbound Lumedx EMR fax integration, schedule a live demonstration, or request a complimentary workflow analysis, please contact us at your convenience either online or at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).

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