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MyPaperlessFax is committed to providing expert fax consulting services that help clients make the most of today's paperless fax technology.

It is run by the team of RightFax experts at Paperless Productivity, Inc®.

Our core competency is deploying OCR and paperless fax technology to render faxed or paper documents digital and accessible. Please read on to learn more about our central products and services.

As integrators and value-added resellers, we apply expertise in RightFax and digital fax solutions to eliminate the lost time, expenses, and consumables of manual, paper-based workflows.

Our OCR & RightFax Consulting Specialties

Digital Fax Software

The traditional fax machine can now be replaced by an on-premise server or a hybrid, hosted fax service. Typical benefits include cost reduction, front- and back-end fax integration, and ease of obtaining industry-standard information security and HIPAA fax compliance.

Fax-over-IP (FoIP) Technology

FoIP architecture allows organizations to consolidate communications into a single IP network—the same one they're already using for VoIP calls, for instance. The RightFax solution works with many SIP trunk providers, and our telecom-savvy solutions engineers can also tailor a turn-key FoIP solution to your requirements.


Each of these acronyms refers to an application of automatic text recognition technology. The alphabet soup can get a bit confusing, so let's break it down:

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Recognition of typed text, whether paper or electronic in origin.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition
  • Recognition of handwritten text, e.g., in patient registration forms.
  • Intelligent Document Recognition
  • Automated document classification, based on textual features, bar codes, custom scripts, or other identifiers. Highly useful for automated document indexing purposes.
  • Optical Mark Recognition
  • Recognition of check boxes, radio buttons, and other similar indicators. Often part of the OCR / ICR process.

(While this site emphasizes the faxing aspect of OCR-for-fax solutions, our companion site is an excellent starting point if you are getting ready to buy FlexiCapture, find Recognition Server pricing, or simply learn more.)

Electronic Data Entry

The same OCR software that captures the relevant text from your documents can also manage the entire data entry process with absolutely no manual intervention. From simple electronic forms to complex database integration, almost any business can save time and money by eliminating human input and error. In other words, start-to-finish document processing automation is just a few clicks away!

Document Imaging and Archiving

Organizations of all types have realized that OCR conversion software makes archived documents far more useful and accessible. And if you have already amassed substantial information, we can help you deploy a more secure, user-friendly enterprise content management solution.

Services Provided

Today, we draw on nearly two decades of systems integration, using best-of-breed OCR and digital fax technology, to offer our clients:

  • Paperless workflow consulting by RightFax experts
  • RightFax support, implementation, & training services
  • Complimentary, value-added OCR/fax consultations with a Senior Solutions Engineer

Paperless Productivity® is headquartered in Seattle, with representatives and engineers in San Francisco and New York, and serves clients throughout all of North America. For further information, please contact us online or via phone at 1 877 MY-FAXING (693-2946).

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