RightFax-FabSoft Fax Server Integration

With its Reform PDC document solution, FabSoft has become a leader in all-in-one document management software. One of its many capabilities is electronic routing to fax machines and multi-function devices (MFDs), which creates an outstanding opportunity for integration with RightFax, the worldwide market leader in fax server software.

FabSoft features compatibility with a wide range of software and devices to ensure seamless document management and transmission throughout the company. Similarly, RightFax offers native integration with FabSoft and many other common applications, as well as API and print-to-fax integration with nearly all software in use today.

Architecture & Benefits of RightFax Integration with FabSoft

To integrate a RightFax fax server with FabSoft, the customer first configures the Reform PDC Engine to receive data from line-of-business applications and send to/receive from MFDs or an enterprise document routing application. Then, a fax plug-in connects Reform PDC to RightFax, which enables automated, paperless faxing of all documents that pass through the FabSoft application.

The RightFax plug-in for FabSoft’s Reform PDC engine adds to utility to both platforms, by way of key MFD functionalities including:

  • Entry of RightFax options such as fax numbers, subjects, notes, and cover pages directly from a connected MFD
  • Fax phonebook modification from the MFD screen
  • Real-time outbound fax tracking for all documents sent from each MFD

RightFax Deployment & Support Services

Is your organization currently exploring a RightFax integration project? Our team has implemented robust faxing solutions for companies large and small across North America, and is always ready to share its expertise via a live RightFax demonstration and/or complimentary workflow consultation.

We also offer comprehensive deployment and follow-up services, from initial project planning and implementation to RightFax support and training. To learn more about RightFax-FabSoft and other integration possibilities feasible within your IT environment, contact a representative today online or at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).

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