Basic RightFax Training for Administrators

RightFax training for administrators optimizes your investment in a RightFax software solution and ensures that your technical administrators are fully prepared to manage your new server and software. To effectively provide RightFax support in your organization, your technical administrators may benefit from:
  • In-depth technical knowledge of RightFax software
  • Ability to integrate your RightFax solution through any of the standard connectors
  • Knowledge of best practices for RightFax disaster recovery planning
Paperless Productivity's RightFax support experts are highly experienced and effective trainers, with a wealth of in-depth technical and practical knowledge to pass on to RightFax support administrators. Professional Training Services for RightFax support include hands-on instruction on how to install, configure, maintain, administer, and use a RightFax solution based on the RightFax Enterprise Suite and RightFax Business Server. Administrators will be trained in accordance with the organization’s specific needs, keeping in mind integration demands and optimal solution architecture.

RightFax Technical Administrator Training

RightFax technical administrator training teaches your RightFax administrators how to:
  • Cover SQL Express 2005 and other pre-requisite installation requirements
  • Add and configure the Board Server Module (New Transport Module)
  • SQL - RightFax database backups and restore procedures
  • Install Web Access (improved Web Access User Interface)
  • Install the Exchange Module
  • Install the Lotus Notes Module
  • Install the RightFax client software
Knowledgeable technical administrators are critical to the success of your RightFax solution and to maximizing ROI. If your team has already completed our basic training, then advanced RightFax admin training is the ideal next step to build internal know-how and take greater ownership of your RightFax solution. Click here now or call today at 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946) to learn how our trainers can help you develop a premier RightFax administration team.

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