RightFax and Cerner EMR / EHR Integration

The RightFax digital fax solution integrates with Cerner’s state-of-the-art EMR and EHR systems, delivering paperless outbound and inbound faxing for your Cerner system. Healthcare providers are subject to demanding compliance standards and ever increasing operational costs. The prompt and secure transmission of sensitive documents, such as patient information, is vital for patient-oriented healthcare organizations. If providers are to remain profitable, they must find innovative and modern solutions to the longstanding problem of confidential document transmission.

Fax integration with Cerner EMR and EHR software improves productivity for healthcare organizations. The combination of EMR/EHR systems and fax solution technologies further streamlines business processes, reduces administrative costs, reduces labor, and eliminates paper waste while making it easier than ever to:

  • Fax prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Fax physician logs
  • Fax lab results
  • Fax patient health information between physicians
  • Scan to Cerner from all inbound/outbound faxes

RightFax Optimizes Inbound & Outbound Fax for Cerner

Cerner EMR and Cerner EHR integrate with the market leader in EMR/EHR faxing, providing a fast, easy, and secure fax capability. RightFax solutions can automate the secure delivery, receipt, and tracking of private health information while supporting HIPAA compliance initiatives. Cerner users can expect to enjoy a multitude of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Support of HIPAA fax compliance and other regulatory mandates
  • Maximization of efficiency by reducing paper handling and manual processes
  • Provides secure connections for efficient and reliable electronic fax delivery
  • Customizable inbound fax routing to e-mail, network folder, or web-client
  • Full management of phonebook contacts in real-time
  • Secure and efficient transmission of patient information

The Cerner outbound fax process is as simple as printing. With only a couple clicks, users can safely and quickly fax confidential patient information to providers, insurers, pharmacies, and any other parties. It is equally easy to handle inbound faxes and scanning to Cerner, as paper documents are replaced with fully secure digital records.

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