Sunquest’s AP lab solutions, like PowerPath and CoPathPlus, help keep labs digitized, connected, and compliant.

However, Sunquest’s fax management is less thorough. At most, it’s usually possible to trigger outbound faxes from the application itself.

That’s rarely enough for today’s healthcare organization.

Modern Faxing For Modern AP Labs

Simple outbound faxing is a reasonable baseline for any AP lab, but it falls short of several key capabilities. For example, Sunquest alone does not help most labs address:

  • Receipt and routing of inbound faxes
  • Interaction with most vendors and third-party services
  • SMS, email, and other common protocols
  • Non-trivial user or group security requirements
  • Audit trails and preparation

…among other significant requirements.

Needs like these have led to modern digital fax software. This is especially true in industries like healthcare, where frequent exchange of highly sensitive information is the norm, and paper brings enormous costs and risks.

Our recommended solution–and the healthcare industry standard–is OpenText RightFax.

How RightFax Works With Your Sunquest LIS

The best way to integrate RightFax with Sunquest depends on your workflow requirements, development resources, and any other applications and devices that will share the digital fax solution.

For end users, RightFax-Sunquest integration delivers several features that traditional faxing cannot. Some of the most common are:

  • End-to-end encryption and certified delivery for airtight information protection with a granular audit trail.
  • Native integrations with additional line-of-business tools, which automate virtually any conceivable workflow.
  • Integration of fax, email, and SMS for simpler inbound and outbound faxing with Sunquest.
  • Searchable PDF creation for more accessible and useful AP reports, orders, documentation, etc.

These features only scratch the surface of how RightFax enhances document transmission. That’s why many organizations, particularly within healthcare, see a positive ROI within months of going live.

How Sunquest Users Benefit From RightFax

Whatever the integration methods, RightFax gives Sunquest LIS users several business benefits that were previously impossible.

  • Time and money savings thanks to intuitive fax workflows that minimize manual input, eliminate paper, and even eliminate phone lines.
  • Reliable delivery that is simple to scale along with lab volumes and business complexity.
  • Centralized management of all inbound and outbound faxes through Sunquest, EHRs/EMRs, and practically any other software or services.

Many healthcare orgs recognize the value of a RightFax-based fax solution, but aren’t quite sure where to begin. Even though fax itself is simple and familiar, it’s another story to address it in a modern, automated, paperless fashion.

Doing it right requires experience at the intersection of telecom, IT infrastructure, software development, and business analysis. And, of course, profound knowledge of the RightFax platform itself.

Our team at Paperless Productivity brings this expertise to the table, as we’ve done for nearly two decades with some of healthcare’s household names.

If you’re ready to streamline Sunquest faxing now, or are still just getting up to speed on the frontiers of electronic faxing, please contact us today for a no-obligations chat with a fax solutions architect.