As with many health care applications, NovoPath fax server integration with RightFax can help any lab achieve unprecedented efficiency. NovoPath is already a software leader in the anatomic pathology lab niche, offering extensive workflow and reporting capabilities to manage the complex information that’s critical to today’s laboratories. Hospitals and specialized AP labs alike employ NovoPath due to its scalable, high-performance architecture and wide range of data distribution formats.

RightFax is the preferred electronic fax server solution throughout the health care industry for many of the same reasons. But first and foremost where health information is concerned, the RightFax fax server preserves the full confidentiality of fax transmission. For instance, unlike email, fax communication is nearly impossible to intercept, let alone to decipher. This inherent security will keep faxing integral to health care communication for the foreseeable future.

Fax Server Benefits for NovoPath

The advantages of RightFax integration extend far beyond information security. Operational efficiency, cost reduction, and overall improvements in service are the usual results of a well-planned fax server integration with EMR / EHR, pathology, and other health care applications.

  • Save by eliminating fax machines, surplus phone lines, and paper/ink
  • Reallocate valuable time from faxing to service provision and/or revenue generation
  • Cut paper out of your communications, period
  • Assist compliance efforts by automatically tracking access and activity for every single fax
  • Simultaneously provide faxing capabilities for virtually all other applications


RightFax Server Project Planning

Meticulous project planning and deep technical know-how are key ingredients in a successful fax server implementation. That’s why, in our experience, a RightFax deployment is only as valuable as the team that stands behind it.

Partnering with Paperless Productivity means partnering with a team that will provide not only fax and network expertise, but rock-solid RightFax support and even customized training programs.

For further information, or to arrange a complimentary workflow analysis, please contact us today online or at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).