Since it hit the market in 1992, RightFax has seen dozens of major releases and countless updates.

After some period—typically five years—RightFax versions enter sustaining maintenance. We’ll explain what it is, what it may mean for your users, and how to ensure your organization benefits from fully current and supported software.

RightFax current & sustaining maintenance history

The latest version of RightFax is 22.2, which was released in May 2022. All versions from 16.4 onward are still under current maintenance, but may enter sustaining maintenance (end of life) in the coming months.

The following table covers the last couple decades of RightFax versions, so you can confirm maintenance status and start planning an upgrade if needed. We strive to keep this table up to date, but in the event of any discrepancies, info from OpenText will prevail.

RightFax Version  Support Status  Sustaining Maintenance Date  Action 
22 EP2 (22.2) Active June 2027 None; you’re up to date! 
21 EP2 (21.2)  Active  August 2026 None required, but consider upgrading for new features 
20 EP2 (20.2)  Active  April 2025  None required, but consider upgrading for new features 
16 EP6 (16.6)  Active  May 2024  None required, but consider upgrading for new features 
16 EP4 (16.4)  Active  May 2023  None required, but consider upgrading for new features 


16 EP2 (16.2)  Ended May 2022  Upgrade as soon as possible

(contact us for assistance) 

10.6 and previous 

(10.5, 10.0, 9.4, 9.3, 9.0, 8.7, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0) 

Ended  November 2018 or earlier  Upgrade as soon as possible 

(contact us for assistance) 

What is RightFax sustaining maintenance?

When a RightFax version is in sustaining maintenance, that means OpenText no longer sells, updates, patches, or otherwise supports it. Sustaining maintenance is synonymous with end of life (EOL) status for RightFax.

This is in contrast to “current maintenance,” which means OpenText still offers technical support, accepts feature requests, and so forth.

As a rule, a major release of RightFax is in current maintenance for five years, then enters sustaining maintenance. The exact EOL date may vary by a few months: sometimes later, but occasionally earlier, too.

Given that RightFax usually serves an essential business purpose, we recommend upgrading several months before your version’s EOL date. Not only does current maintenance ensure uninterrupted updates and support, but it also grants access to the multitude of new features that will have emerged in the five-plus years since your previous upgrade or installation.

What support is available during sustaining maintenance?

In EOL/sustaining maintenance, RightFax customers retain access to OpenText’s Customer Service Portal. That means users can still find resources like docs, technical articles, and forums, but cannot access support requests, feature requests, or new patches or releases.

Many support providers—including our team at Paperless Productivity®—will offer technical support on a best-effort basis. Any code changes, such as bug fixes and security updates, are no longer possible.

How do we upgrade our RightFax version?

You need an active RightFax support contract to upgrade to a current version. If or when your contract is active, you’ll be able to download your desired version directly from OpenText. You’ll also have access to ensuing updates and patches for as long as your contract remains active.

Most RightFax upgrades are straightforward, but after performing thousands, we’ve developed some tricks of the trade to minimize downtime and ensure a silky-smooth transition. To verify or purchase support, or to arrange help with your upgrade, please contact us today.