RightFax for Nuance Transcription Software

Nuance applications like Dragon Medical, PowerScribe, and Enterprise Express set the standard in both general and specialty medical transcription. When combined with a RightFax digital fax solution, Nuance’s transcription software results in a highly modern and efficient clinical document workflow.

Speech-enabled, computerized medical transcription already helps practices reduce errors and costs in several ways. For instance, your office may already be benefiting from:

  • Quicker clinical workflow, allowing practitioners to devote more time and energy to patients
  • A more user-friendly EHR experience thanks to voice input from various devices
  • Potential improvements in accuracy vis-à-vis traditional transription methods

RightFax-Nuance Integration Benefits

Voice-enabled medical transcription is a major step toward realizing a paperless medical office. And with paper largely eliminated from the transcription process, it’s time to implement digital faxing to modernize other aspects of clinical documentation, too. A Nuance fax integration poses several opportunities for further workflow improvement, such as:

  • Complete paperless faxing of notes, transcripts, and all other documents—from EHRs, general office software, and Nuance directly
  • Major audit and security enhancements for the highly sensitive information that comprises most transcribed documents
  • Native integration with Nuance for smooth and highly reliable performance
  • A more seamless cross-platform workflow that integrates faxing with additional Nuance applications (such as transcription software or eCopy) and virtually all other solutions

At Paperless Productivity, our specialty is tailoring digital fax integration to fulfill clients’ business objectives and regulatory responsibilities, all in a usable and cost-effective fashion. And after every deployment or upgrade, our RightFax support offerings ensure the dependability and easy management of your fax environment.

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