RightFax provides fax to email capabilities when it integrates with Microsoft Exchange, providing a key component of your unified communications infrastructure. With the plethora of communications options currently available (email, voice, SMS, fax, and so forth), plus nearly limitless variations in protocol and format, Unified Messaging systems have become indispensable to the management of daily communication. Microsoft Exchange, a key component of many such systems, works with the leading faxing software solutions. Paperless Productivity implements and supports the integration of RightFax your new or existing Microsoft Exchange-based Unified Messaging system.

Email affords fast and centralized access, as well as uncomplicated message addressing and sending. Microsoft Exchange integration takes full advantage of this convenience by applying it to another critical communication medium—electronic faxing—while retaining compatibility with faxing software. Microsoft Outlook integration with RightFax fax server facilitates secure, auditable, and compliant message exchange.

RightFax Fax to Email Provides Secure and Easy Communication

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook integrate with RightFax facilitating desktop fax capabilities

Microsoft Outlook integrates with RightFax fax server via the Microsoft Exchange Connector. Exchange Server with RightFax combines the security of faxing with the ease of e-mail. Send, receive, and organize your faxes directly from Outlook with the security of fax technology. RightFax-MS Outlook and Exchange users can expect to witness a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased faxing efficiency
  • Provides a user-friendly fax workflow
  • Provides centralized location for management of faxing activity

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