Fax to Email with RightFax and Microsoft Exchange

The RightFax Exchange Connector builds digital faxing into a workflow users already know.

It even empowers users to track fax status, view history, and manage covers sheets without needing help from IT—or even leaving Outlook.

We all know email is fast, centralized, and uncomplicated from a user's perspective. RightFax-Exchange integration takes full advantage of this convenience by extending it to digital faxing.

But unlike certain third-party fax "plug-ins," all faxes are still funneled through your secure, auditable, and compliant RightFax instance.

RightFax Integration With Exchange

The RightFax Exchange ("EWS") Connector supports all recent Exchange server versions. It's even compatible as far back as Exchange 2010 SP2.

With the plethora of communications options currently available (email, voice, SMS, fax, chat...) plus nearly limitless variations in protocol and format, Unified Messaging systems have become indispensable. More often than not, Exchange is at the core of UM systems.

At Paperless Productivity®, we implement and support the integration of RightFax with your new or existing Microsoft Exchange-based Unified Messaging system.

Does RightFax Support Office 365?

All supported versions of RightFax integrate with Office 365. Note that RightFax now supports OAuth. Microsoft has deprecated basic authentication (username and password) for products including Office 365, so OAuth will be the sole authentication method.

Simple, Secure Fax-to-Email Communication

RightFax uses standard features and protocols to enable faxing through Exchange and Office 365. No custom coding or third-party connectors required!Here's a dated but fundamentally accurate diagram of how this integration works.

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook integrate with RightFax facilitating desktop fax capabilities

End users remain connected directly to the Exchange server. From their perspective, the integration is transparent and the experience is refreshingly familiar. Compared to archaic analog faxing, this means:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased faxing efficiency
  • A genuinely user-friendly fax workflow
  • Centralized management of faxing activity

Reach out today to see RightFax and Exchange in action, or to talk through your own workflow needs with a solutions architect.

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