RightFax has built a reputation as the go-to fax server for health software integration, bringing secure digital faxing to every part of the modern healthcare organization.

One of its most compelling benefits is integration with a multitude of major medical applications, including outbound and inbound faxing for Epiphany Healthcare’s Cardio Server and Pulmonary Server. These solutions make ECG and PFT data, respectively, accessible from all diagnostic systems in your network. Epiphany also offers leading mobile-device compatibility and a host of handy admin features.

However, when it comes time to deliver ECG or PFT results to providers or insurers outside your organization, things do not always work so seamlessly. In many cases, a recipient’s technical or workflow requirements make fax the preferred means of communication.

RightFax Integration for Paperless Fax with Epiphany Servers

With RightFax-Epiphany outbound fax integration, you can meet any faxing requirements without resorting to the cumbersome and highly costly process of printing and faxing paper documents.

Likewise, a sound inbound fax integration with your ECG/PFT server saves precious time and money on incoming documents, while maximizing HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance in a way that fax machines, and even less sophisticated fax servers, just can’t match.


Epiphany Fax Server Integration with RightFax

Electronic faxing from multiple sources, through RightFax, and to outside recipients

Thanks to several key features that Epiphany and RightFax both share, their value compounds when both platforms are implemented side-by-side:

  • Broad base of native integrations with EHRs like Epic, Cerner, NextGen, and numerous other market leaders
  • VMware compatibility for a virtualized and centrally managed health information platform
  • Powerful, straightforward service management with Active Directory and Web API availability

Together, these systems create a cutting-edge paperless healthcare solution that frees resources to deliver top-notch patient care while keeping costs in check.

Further Healthcare Fax Opportunities with RightFax

In addition to making the most of your investment in an Epiphany Healthcare system, RightFax can also facilitate Direct Project-compliant electronic HIE. In many cases, ECG and PFT data from Epiphany and/or RightFax can also be extracted with optical character recognition (OCR) software to help automate coding, billing, and other administrative processes.

At Paperless Productivity®, we believe in designing comprehensive software solutions that make your work measurably more efficient. With decades of combined fax and OCR consulting experience in the healthcare industry, our engineers and solutions architects bring a unique understanding of the possibilities and value of paperless document management. For a complimentary workflow review, technology demonstration, or further information, please contact us today.