NextGen’s cutting-edge EHR software integrates with the RightFax digital fax solution. Healthcare organizations must adhere to strict compliance demands. The quick and safe transmittal of sensitive documents, such as patient information, is integral. In order for providers to maintain profitability, providers must implement modern and creative platforms for confidential document transmission.

The integration of NextGen Inpatient and NextGen Ambulatory EHR with digital faxing increases productivity, reduces labor, and minimizes paper waste. Together, NextGen and RightFax consolidate business processes while supporting HIPAA compliance and make it easy to:

  • Fax prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Fax physician logs
  • Fax lab results
  • Fax health information, such as legal medical records

RightFax APIs For NextGen Fax Automation

As healthcare orgs digitize workflows, the next challenge becomes how to automate them. For NextGen customers, a RightFax API is often the preferred approach.

The modern, RESTful Web API is a nearly universal tool to unite the EHR, fax platform, and other business applications through intuitive and developer-friendly web services.

Other RightFax APIs and integration toolkits excel in native Windows scenarios, or in support of text- or file-based integrations.

NextGen Healthcare Software Optimized by RightFax

NextGen integrates with the world’s leading EHR / EMR fax solution. A simple and stable integration with NextGen is possible via the built-in NextGen Fax Manager utility. Integration of NextGen EHR / EMR systems with a digital fax solution also provides reliable and secure e-document and enterprise fax capabilities. This, combined with encrypted and certified delivery options, produces tailored solutions for healthcare organizations in an easy-to-use, accessible, and cost-effective way. NextGen users can enjoy such benefits as:

  • Simple and prompt inbound/outbound faxing for all document types
  • Easier HIPAA-compliant faxing at all stages of fax transmission and storage—no lost documents, ever!
  • Elimination of expensive and time-consuming paper-based fax workflow
  • Cut document delivery costs
  • Provide secure, efficient, and reliable information delivery
  • Fax transmission notification via e-mail, web-client, and printing
  • Inbound fax delivery routing to e-mail, network folder, or web-client

Consequently, integrating an EHR fax solution with NextGen healthcare software can greatly expedite health care document faxing and streamline communications within and between health care organizations.

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