RighFax Integration with Nuance AutoStore

Nuance® AutoStore® efficiently manages secure delivery of all your documents, whether paper or digital, no matter how they were captured. With an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, even non-technical users can build powerful, versatile automation solutions that pull any information into any process.

However, users must often handle high volumes of incoming faxes before a workflow can even begin. Likewise, after workflows are completed, it's often necessary to fax documents back out to customers, suppliers, and so forth. With these realities in mind, how does an organization gain secure, reliable fax capabilities while maintaining paperless document management?

The solution is RightFax: a natively integrated, paperless fax solution for Nuance AutoStore. RightFax transforms AutoStore into a seamless, robust, end-to-end workflow management solution that sends electronic faxes as easily as it takes them in.

The Cost-Effective Digital Fax Solution for Nuance AutoStore

Most likely, a primary driver of your AutoStore implementation was the unsustainable cost of a paper-based document workflow. And not only is labor costly, but processes based on human input are more prone to costly human error. RightFax-AutoStore fax integration not only cuts workflow costs directly, but results in even broader benefits as customers ditch paper for good.

  • Fax from AutoStore without touching a piece of paper
  • Facilitate critical fax notifications that aren't otherwise available in AutoStore
  • Improve compliance & audit-readiness while saving precious time
  • Decrease or eliminate costs ranging from paper & toner to MFP leases & fax lines

Whether your documents arrive via an MFP integration, electronic files, mobile capture, or even old-school fax, AutoStore can kick off the appropriate workflow instantaneously. Furthermore, the native integration with RightFax allows your AutoStore platform to leverage the latest infrastructure, including RightFax virtualization and fax-over-IP.

Following implementation, your organization will also be able to use the same RightFax resources across Nuance's many medical applications and business tools. All the security, savings, and flexibility of a best-in-class fax solution can be available to everyone who needs to send or receive documents—no matter when they work, where they're located, or which devices they use.

Expert RightFax Deployment for AutoStore

As a nationwide leader in RightFax consulting and support, the Paperless Productivity® team is here to help you take advantage of this valuable integration. By partnering with us, your organization will:

  • Get a clear picture of the comparative benefits of each fax integration method
  • Enjoy a fax workflow tailored to your unique requirements & aligned with technical best practices
  • Gain a rock-solid RightFax environment that continues to earn a positive ROI

It's time to explore the power of AutoStore and RightFax side by side. Please contact us today to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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