Fax Server and eCopy Software Integration

eCopy ShareScan helps organizations save time and reduce costs by bringing paper documents directly into their paperless, electronic document workflows from fax software, copiers, network scanners, and other ShareScan-enable MFPs.

ShareScan Connectors

eCopy ShareScan Connectors allow the integration of document scanning / imaging software with leading faxing software solutions and electronic document applications

A client application resides at the MFP or scanner, allowing paper documents to be scanned and distributed into document management systems and other enterprise applications. Furthermore, API level integration lets the Connector communicate directly to a server and receive information back instantaneously.

Each Connector can be configured to give users as much or as little flexibility as needed when capturing and delivering or storing documents. This flexibility allows each button or configuration to be tailored to the type of document being stored and the appropriate level of user interaction.

Connector Benefits:

  • Easy administration - Changes to back end applications are immediately and automatically reflected at the eCopy ShareScan-enabled device
  • Support compliance and security initiatives - Enable audit trails and ensure security through authentication and file encryption files for captured documents
  • Standardize on a single document capture platform - Users work with a familiar electronic document management interface at any of the networked copiers/scanners
  • Create customized electronic document workflows to store and index documents based on the users' needs
  • Share fax resources across applications - Leverage and scale one common platform for other Nuance solutions, such transcription software faxing and AutoStore fax integration
eCopy PaperWorks (formerly eCopy Desktop) is easy-to-use desktop document imaging software that enables the conversion of electronic and paper documents into secure, text-searchable PDFs , bringing them directly into paperless document workflows. eCopy PaperWorks provides advanced tools for scanning, merging, modifying, and connecting documents with the fax software and other solutions used every day.

PaperWorks Connectors

Connectors for eCopy PaperWorks extend PaperWorks's functionality by providing users native integration with backend business applications. Within eCopy PaperWorks, users can manage and modify PDF documents then store them directly into a specific backend application; conversely, they can pull electronic documents from a backend application directly into eCopy PaperWorks.eCopy’s electronic document management software can be integrated with a wide variety of fax server software, document content management applications, and OCR software. This incorporation of electronic document management software, optical character recognition, and searchable PDF conversion permits truly paperless document processing. eCopy Desktop Connectors allow the integation of document management / OCR software with leading fax server software and electronic document applications

Connector Benefits:

  • Facilitates tighter integration of eCopy PaperWorks into electronic document management systems, storage, OCR, and faxing software
  • Provides the ability to gain access to eCopy PaperWorks viewing and document manipulation capabilities
  • Enhances eCopy PaperWorks role as a universal client for business document imaging, ultimately increasing electronic document processing workflow
eCopy ShareScan and eCopy PaperWorks (previously Desktop) connectors, available from eCopy as well as third-party developers, enable integration with popular electronic document management solutions including:For PaperWorks
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Open Text eDOCS DM
For ShareScan – Content Management
  • Open Text/Captaris RightFax fax server software
  • Open Text Alchemy document management server
  • Open Text eDOCS R/KYV
  • Open Text Livelink ECM
  • Microsoft SharePoint
For ShareScan – Fax Software / Servers
  • Open Text RightFax fax server software
For ShareScan – Optical Character Recognition
  • Artsyl SimpleCapture OCR

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