RightFax & Exchange 2010 UM Fax Server Integration

The RightFax fax server gives any Exchange 2010 UM environment powerful and secure fax capabilities. In fact, if your organization has used Exchange UM for some time, you are likely aware that the inbound fax capability built into 2007 is not in the 2010 version. Microsoft elected to leave this aspect of document transmission in customers' hands, which opens the door to far more robust and manageable fax workflow through a RightFax UM integration.

And just how does UM fax integration with RightFax benefit Exchange 2010 users? To start with, most customers find that security and efficiency improvements—like those listed below—create an ROI in just months, not years.

  • Full administrative control over which faxes are sent and received by whom
  • A granular and customizable audit trail that documents the history of each fax
  • Built-in Active Directory sync to keep user information current with minimal effort
  • Outbound and inbound faxing from the desktop, as well as from within most applications
  • Drastic reduction of the excessive paper/toner consumption and manual effort endemic to paper faxing

…and the list goes on. Depending on the fax workflow problems and opportunities unique to each office, RightFax-Exchange UM integration brings a host of other benefits for IT and business users alike.

RightFax & Exchange UM Fax Integration Services

Its ease of UM fax integration is one reason enterprise customers worldwide continue to select RightFax over its competition. That said, please note that even relatively straightforward native integrations, such as RightFax and Exchange 2010 UM, may still require considerable telephony and fax server know-how. We encourage you to contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to the technical requirements and workflow possibilities specific to your IT environment.

The Paperless consulting and engineering teams bring broad experience and extraordinary know-how to any Exchange UM fax project. Clients across North America rely on our services to deliver robust and readily usable fax services, backed up by responsive RightFax support and training tailored to your technical and business needs.

For a value-added workflow or telecom consultation, live product demonstration, or in-depth Q&A, please contact a Paperless Productivity representative online or by phone at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).

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