RightFax Fax Server and MOSAIQ OIS

RightFax fax server integration with MOSAIQ gives this highly flexible oncology information system (OIS) an even greater level of utility. From promptly faxing physicians’ notes to tracking complex test result documentation, users can boost efficiency and cut operating expenses across the board.

RightFax EMR fax server integration MOSAIQ

MOSAIQ offers a high level of personal configuration, allowing users to access key information faster and more directly. It is also designed for straightforward medical data capture and analysis, to encourage the practice of evidence-based medicine while improving the understanding and management of a practice’s costs. Likewise, RightFax also offers numerous methods of customization and information management:

  • Automated sending and inbound routing based on document source, fax number, and more
  • Practically unlimited integration possibilities, which combine all office applications into a single fax workflow
  • Facilitation of OCR workflows by ensuring inbound documents are already in electronic form

Security Advantages of EMR Fax Server Integration

Regardless of its specialty, every medical practice is bound to high standards of data privacy and security. OpenText, the manufacturer, understands these demands and has implemented a host of features to help users meet regulatory requirements:

  • Comprehensive and customizable audit trails for all documents sent/received through the server
  • Granular permission settings to restrict inbound fax visibility only to the intended recipients
  • Fully secure telecom architecture options for a hosted or hybrid fax server configuration

Furthermore, we have observed that the majority of fax integrations break even in a matter of months, not years. And these benefits are always backed up by the nation’s leading RightFax support desk, as well as a team of experienced technical consultants to ensure end-to-end workflow efficiency.

If your oncology practice is ready to receive even more value and efficiency from its MOSAIQ OIS, then contact us today to set up a workflow consultation or live demo.

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