RightFax Connect combines the functionality and reliability of server-based faxing with the scalability and cost effectiveness of cloud faxing. Migration of applications and systems to the cloud has been the norm for organizations looking to improve scalability and availability while limiting the need for extensive IT infrastructure. With Connect, organizations get the best worlds in the OpenText’s new hybrid fax deployment configuration.

Connect offers cloud-based fax transmission without sacrificing the security and integrity of data. The connection between the local server(s) and the Connect cloud can be configured to enforce a variety of secure protocols, such as TLS/SSL, HTTPS, VPN and IPSec. Even though fax transmission occurs in the cloud, organizations leveraging the solution maintain data sovereignty as all fax data remains within the digital fax solution. The security of the fax transmission and the ability to retain ownership of all data means the Connect solution supports fax compliance for HIPAA, SOX, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

Cloud / Hosted Fax Benefits

RightFax Connect is a hybrid of on-site faxing with the OpenText cloud for all inbound and outbound fax transmission. The in-house part provides organizations full control of data and the ability to manage integrations with existing infrastructure.

RightFax Connect provides cloud faxing with on-site RightFax servers
With Connect, organizations are free from the constraints of their telecom infrastructure as OpenText’s cloud network executes fax transmission. Users can expect to see a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Speed – Traditional fax server integration with telecom infrastructure takes weeks. With Connect, organizations can begin to fax hours after the cloud fax solution is implemented.
  • Flexibility – Connect extends the high availability of the cloud and virtually unlimited available fax transmission channels to accommodate the peaks and valleys of your fax volumes. Connect eliminates fax busy signals and capacity constraints for improved partner, vendor and customer relations.
  • Cost Savings – Connect eliminates the need for telecom infrastructure. Leverage the cloud and eliminate telephone lines, fax boards, gateways, fax channels and fax channel maintenance.
  • Security – Configuration options for various security protocols (TLS/SSL, HTTPS, VPN, IPSec) and data sovereignty maintained through an on-premise RightFax instance.

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