RightFax integrates seamlessly with MEDITECH, helping maximize organizations’ return on investment in their EMR systems. The successful distribution of medical records, prescriptions, physician notes and other pertinent healthcare documentation is paramount to the success of patient-centric providers. The success of the communication of patient health information, just like the security of the information contained, requires a stable and secure document distribution platform.

RightFax is the market-leading fax server solution worldwide, and the most trusted fax platform in the healthcare industry. It can be deployed in a variety of ways to accommodate the diverse needs of disparate organizations, either as an on-premise or hybrid solution (via cloud-based telephony), and can be custom-tailored to provide a rich, familiar and powerful user experience.

MEDITECH Fax Server Integration Capabilities

Native fax integration with MEDITECH EMR provides a stable and reliable integrated document distribution system that optimizes MEDITECH use. With this fax server, MEDITECH users can fax directly from the application, streamlining employee efficiency and controlling the costs associated with:

  • Faxing prescriptions
  • Faxing physicians notes
  • Faxing patient referrals

RightFax combines the security of fax with many features that further optimize MEDITECH EMR use and aid in compliance, such as:

  • Comprehensive and detailed audit-trail information for all faxed documents
  • Compatibility with virtually every other niche and general office application
  • Native email integration with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes for centralized document exchange


Enhancing NetFax for MEDITECH Faxing

For organizations relying exclusively on Interbit NetFax with MEDITECH, it may be challenging to carry out telecom projects or further fax software integrations. When initiatives like Fax-over-IP implementation are on the table, or another location needs to share fax services, or you wish to leverage the same fax solution for email, ERP, ECM, and other programs, a RightFax server is a critical step forward.

Although the optimal RightFax-MEDITECH architecture depends on your specific workflow needs, we implement robust integrations that enhance and add value to the capabilities inherent in NetFax. In most cases, a well-planned implementation will earn a positive ROI in less than one year.

For further information or to schedule a live demonstration, contact us today online or by phone at 1-877-MY-FAXING (693-2946).