RightFax and SAP Integration

RightFax's native integration with SAP maximizes your investment in the ERP. Your business depends on the information generated from SAP applications. It gives the road map for customers and supplier interactions, dictates business cycles and drives collaboration and decision-making—all of which can determine profitability or failure.

To maximize the return on investment generated in SAP applications, all this information must be processed, managed and delivered to customers and suppliers in a timely, secure, and efficient way. Compared to RightFax digital fax software, the traditional methods for manually processing and delivering information have high hidden costs and inefficiencies. Traditional faxing methods also lack the reliability and accountability necessary in today’s environment, and are less easily integrated with SAP.

The RightFax digital fax solution provides tested, certified and proven delivery of vital business documents directly from SAP applications via electronic fax, email, or the Internet. Paperless Productivity offers implementation and support services for the SAP connectors available from the world’s market-leading enterprise fax software solutions.

SAP Optimized by RightFax

RightFax provides SAP fax and electronic delivery solutions that allow organizations to automate business information delivery from SAP applications. The certified OpenText RightFax Connector for SAP ERP, facilitates delivery of documents such as invoices and other business critical documents using the SAP NetWeaver SDK. RightFax integrates with SAP applications in a multitude of ways, according to need, via SAPconnect, SAPscript, SAP SmartForms, XML and more! SAP integration with RightFax simplifies document delivery as faxing out of the application is as easy as creating a new message within the SAP office. SAP-RightFax integration provides a multitude of benefits for SAP users:

  • Secure delivery of business-critical documents
  • Elimination of labor and supply costs commonly linked with document delivery
  • Multiple, redundant delivery options
  • Encrypted and certified document delivery
  • Fully auditable fax log for compliance purposes
  • Shortened business cycle as forms can be delivered and processed more efficiently allowing for early revenue recognition

Maximize your investment in SAP software by integrating with RightFax. With only a couple clicks, users can easily, efficiently, and securely deliver business-critical directly from SAP applications. Click here now or call toll-free 1-877 MY FAXING (693-2946) today to schedule a live demo and see how SAP-RightFax integration can drive down costs and extend the investment on your SAP system.

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