RightFax integrates with Siebel automating business information delivery. CRM software is essential to help you understand your customers and effectively manage your sales, marketing and service activities. Siebel CRM software solutions enable companies to efficiently track, manage and monitor customer interactions, and can be integrated with faxing software and digital fax solutions, as part of an efficient, paperless office. These customer interactions generate important business information—sales proposals, upgrades, technical bulletins and service announcements to name a few. Efficient, cost-effective and timely business information delivery is essential to mutually beneficial customer relationships.

RightFax and Siebel for Business Information Delivery Solutions

By integrating RightFax with Siebel, companies can automate delivery of critical business information and documents, and further extend the business process efficiencies of their Siebel CRM software while reducing costs and improving response times. This gives a significant positive impact on customer relationships and overall business performance.

RightFax integrates with Siebel for business process automation

Faxing servers and software provide Siebel CRM software users with significant benefits such as:

  • Quick ROI and reduced costs
  • Accelerated business cycles through business process automation
  • Improved customer interactions
  • Enhanced accountability and effectiveness
  • Information audit trail, tracking and notifications

Paperless Productivity can help you integrate a variety of business information delivery and enterprise faxing software solutions.

RightFax-Siebel Functionality

RightFax technology optimizes investment in Siebel. A digital fax solution extends Siebel applications to increase customer loyalty and improve productivity through efficient, reliable and timely customer communications. By bringing together RightFax and Siebel, companies gain significant advantages in business information delivery:

  • Fax directly from Siebel
  • Improved speed and productivity
  • Reliable, immediate delivery and receipt
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Notifications and audit trail
  • Maximize and extend existing Siebel CRM software solution and other business information delivery systems
  • Reliable, certified, and proven enterprise fax software

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