RightFax and TriZetto Healthcare Integration

RightFax integrates with TriZetto Healthcare applications and optimize investment in the EMR / EHR. With technology solutions touching nearly half the U.S. insured population today, TriZetto is uniquely positioned to drive the convergence of core benefit administration, care management and constituent engagement. TriZetto provides premier information technology solutions that enable payers and other constituents in the health care supply chain to improve the coordination of benefits and care for health care consumers.

OpenText RightFax is easily able to integrate with TriZetto solutions and health information management software which further streamlines workflow. EMR / EHR and health care management can be optimized further with RightFax faxing software, creating true business process optimization. RightFax maintains over four times the market share of their nearest competitors and effortlessly automates the flow of fax and electronic documents. RightFax eliminates steps in the faxing process which reduces organizations’ exposure to risk and makes faxing quick and easy. RightFax paperless fax solutions offer secure with certified or encrypted delivery options that ensure the document’s integrity while facilitating HIPAA compliance. Customers who automate through faxing achieve quick ROI (return on investment) periods, cut costs significantly, and improve response rates and workflow capacity.

RightFax and TriZetto Software Integration Benefits

RightFax integrates with TriZetto to drastically improve an organization's existing fax practices. RightFax is a feature-rich solution that, when leveraged by TriZetto can improve care through automated, inexpensive, and HIPAA-compliant faxing. With RightFax, TriZetto users can expect to:

  • Fax prescriptions from TriZetto
  • Track and audit inbound and outbound fax activity
  • Send physician referrals from TriZetto
  • Assign metadata to faxes for improved processed
  • Receive automated delivery receipt notifications
  • Establish user permissions to secure PHI

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