The RightFax Encryption Module

Fax transmission is inherently secure, but fax storage may be another matter.

And bad actors knows that stored faxes can be a trove of valuable information. Especially in industries like healthcare and finance, complex attacks are bombarding your most sensitive data every day.

That's why OpenText developed the RightFax Encryption Module, a state-of-the-art security and audit feature for your entire repository of fax data.

What Is the RightFax Encryption Module?

The Encryption Module is an add-on that applies 256-bit AES encryption to the RightFax Image Directory, and provides audit trails down to the user level. It also encrypts any SQL Server images that your High Availability Module uses, if applicable.The encryption key is linked to RightFax's unique ID (SUID) and cannot be changed. That brings three major security benefits:

  • All data remain behind your firewall, with no calls to/storage on outside file services
  • Users cannot bypass RightFax to view the Image Directory
  • All fax viewing, without exception, creates an audit trail at the individual user level

Who Should Consider the Encryption Module?

The Encryption Module is especially valuable to firms that handle financial and medical information as part of daily operations. It's a pivotal security and audit-readiness tool for orgs that uphold exacting standards like HIPAA or PCI DSS.

This purpose-built module is easier and more cost-effective than homegrown encryption libraries or generic, third-party toolkits.

It's equally worth considering for any organization that hosts a sizable RightFax Image Directory, regardless of industry. Aside from the threat of malicious parties, this addresses the perpetual risk of accidental, internal breaches due to simple errors or oversights.

Is the Encryption Module Enough?

In light of the end of copper telephony, you may already be using FoIP with RightFax. If so, then we strongly recommend the added security of RightFax Secure FoIP channels. This quick, in-place upgrade enables TLS 1.2 over SIP, which cooperates with the Encryption Module to keep faxes secure on/between the Image Directory, fax solution, and gateways.

To learn more about the RightFax Encryption Module, or discuss the nuances of your use case, please contact us to schedule a consultation with a RightFax engineer.

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