RightFax Integration with Casenet Management Software

RightFax integrates smoothly with Casenet’s innovative TruCare solution for a streamlined and cost-effect healthcare document workflow. Casenet is already the choice of a multitude of healthcare organizations because of its range of thirty components for niches from case management to enterprise reporting and analytics, and even specialized home/community services programs. The benefits of integrating such a robust application with are clear: minimization of paper-based input, heightened transmission and storage security, and most of all, substantial ROI.

In the big picture, an outdated and inefficient workflow undermines the very goal of Casenet software: an environment dynamic enough to respond to continual evolution in healthcare demands. And that’s precisely the reason that care providers/managers who deploy a digital fax solution alongside Casenet are regularly amazed by the advantages of truly modern document management.

Digital Fax Deployment Benefits

With mounting regulatory and cost pressures, our healthcare clients are aggressively seeking every possible means of enhancing compliance while increasing operating efficiency. In many cases, this is begins with minimizing or eliminating the role of paper documents. Paper is costly in terms of both labor and consumable materials, and can make it difficult to keep protected health information (PHI) sufficiently secure.

Casenet inbound and outbound faxing with RightFax helps fill these gaps in several ways:

  • Sophisticated security options to meet the most stringent compliance demands, without sacrificing the customizability your organization requires
  • Robust integration not only with Casenet, but with nearly every other application your office uses or plans to adopt
  • Wide-ranging telecom architecture options, including in-house PBXs, fax-over-IP, and even hosted telecom

In addition to consulting and implementation services, Paperless Productivity provides RightFax support and customized training for healthcare organizations ranging from local to national in size. Contact us today to find out more about this industry-leading technology, or to arrange your own private demonstration.

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