Kofax Import Connector & Fax Automation With RightFax

Getting information out of faxed documents is often a painful, manual process. It requires perpetually more staff to scale, and is prone to simple yet costly mistakes.

The flow of information only increases, so manual data extraction is no way to operate.

Instead, the Kofax Import Connect replaces human effort with automated data extraction.

As an extension of Kofax Capture™ (a trademark of Kofax Inc.), the Import Connector turns digital documents into consistent, consolidated information.

It works seamlessly with RightFax, the premier digital fax solution, to enable end-to-end document workflow automation. In today's world of decentralized knowledge and distributed teams, that's not just an advantage. It's a necessity.

What The Kofax Import Connector Means For You

The vast majority of manual data/document capture comes from a handful of sources.

  • Inbound emails and their attachments
  • High-volume electronic faxes (and, occasionally, paper ones)
  • Repositories, such as file shares and web portals

Whatever the source, it almost universally requires extraction, classification, and/or routing. Various tools have long been able to handle certain combinations of sources and resulting processes. But using various tools also means various applications to support, vendors to manage, and data standards to navigate. Kofax Import Connector lets your consolidate all the above via Kofax Capture. That means:

  • One platform for all inbound document processing
  • Clear document statuses and chain-of-custody tracking
  • Automated output to over 140 line-of-business applications and virtually any database or text destination
  • Rapid, round-the-clock document turnaround that scales
  • High and consistent accuracy, especially with semi-structured data (like XML) that humans struggle to read

RightFax Workflow With Kofax Import Connector + Capture

A common challenge with fax is the mix of document qualities. Even if you've already digitized inbound faxes with RightFax, the fax images may contain a combination of computer text and handwriting. Kofax Capture finds, extracts, and even validates both sorts of text—not to mention other formats like check-boxes and even barcodes. By adding the Import Connector, documents go from RightFax images to their final repositories with little manual intervention, and often none at all.

Your Next Step For Inbound Fax Automation

If your organization has (or is planning for) RightFax and Kofax Capture, then you'll quickly increase the value of both systems by adding the Import Connector. It involves just two principal components:

  • At least one Message Connector, to get and convert incoming digital documents into a format that Kofax Capture can process
  • The KC Plug-In, to send the converted documents to the Capture platform for automated processing

But doing this effectively depends on proper RightFax configuration.

Technical implementation is part of that, of course, but nuanced capacity planning and workflow mapping may be even more critical.

For two decades, our team at Paperless Productivity® has helped forward-thinking organizations turn document processing from a burden into a competitive advantage.

Whether you're using the Import Connector to expand an existing RightFax-Kofax Capture solution, or beginning completely from scratch, we'll help you deliver robust automation with a compelling ROI.

To discuss your specific goals and expectations, please contact us today.

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