The Direct Project & RightFax for Meaningful Use

As a foundational part of health information exchange, fax will remains a critical service for Meaningful Use 2, 3, and beyond. Like most healthcare providers, your organization has probably invested heavily in creating a robust fax platform with reliable EMR integration. But with mounting pressure and scrutiny around PHI, combined with regulatory and business demands for more electronic communication, what does the future of fax look like?

With RightFax Healthcare Direct, your existing RightFax solution (or planned deployment) will remain not merely viable, but on the cutting edge of healthcare communications. As a result, there is no need to uproot existing architecture, nor to add costly and complicated new products.

Healthcare Direct messaging workflow with RightFax server

This simple but powerful workflow enables you to:

  • Preserve an effective, well-integrated fax solution (or take advantage of the opportunity to implement one)
  • Communicate easily with non-Direct-compliant organizations—without performing any telecom magic
  • Keep PHI management as secure, hands-off, and automated as you need

How RightFax Healthcare Direct Supports Meaningful Use

With such high financial stakes, it's no wonder that Meaningful Use fulfillment often dominates the conversation around medical records management. In particular, the health information exchange (HIE) aspects of MU2 require our customers to go beyond fax to develop a broader HIE platform that will put them ahead of the curve.

Thanks to Healthcare Direct, that platform is RightFax. You can rely on the market leader in healthcare faxing to forge the way ahead, with benefits including:

  • Reduced time, cost, and effort to send or receive any document
  • Easier transition into fully Direct-compliant HIE, which no other fax provider can offer
  • Minimal IT effort thanks to integration with your existing EMR / EHR

The Direct Project is one clear step toward enhancing coordination of care, and making more efficient use of valuable healthcare resources in a way that ensures better outcomes for our patients—and ourselves. OpenText's innovative Healthcare Direct solution can place your organization at the forefront of modern healthcare communications, while cutting the cost and legal risks of doing business.

Healthcare Direct Implementation & RightFax Consulting

The Paperless Productivity® consulting and engineering teams have successfully deployed robust, valuable RightFax platforms for small clinics, multi-state hospital systems, and everything in between. As long-time experts in the healthcare faxing niche, we have a unique depth of experience from which to architect highly customized solutions that deliver rapid ROI, year after year.

To learn more about Healthcare Direct, other RightFax technology, or our consulting and architecture methodology, please reach out online or by phone at 877 MY FAXING (+1 877 693-2946).

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