Integrating RightFax with Psyche Laboratory Information System

Psyche Systems Corporation has developed cutting-edge laboratory information systems for nearly four decades, resulting in a handful of best-of-breed applications for various laboratory niches. In keeping with its commitment to high-tech solutions for healthcare organizations, Psyche has partnered with OpenText to create a robust integration with RightFax—the choice of the overwhelming majority of healthcare providers.

Every lab has unique information, documentation, and workflow requirements. That is why RightFax, just like Psyche applications, allows extensive customization and provides for sophisticated reporting.

  • Easily create policies for fax automation, storage/archiving, and audit purposes
  • Set user-specific fax routing to a desktop client, email program, or any number of other applications
  • Send fax with just a few clicks from any program your laboratory uses

RightFax Integration with Clinical Applications

With tremendous workflow benefits, rapid ROI, and unbeatable dependability, it’s easy to see why no other digital fax solution has a comparable market share. This is especially true within the healthcare sector, where it is the choice of all leading EMR / EHR and other clinical software developers.

There is a broad range of fax integration possibilities for all Psyche applications, including the WindoPath, WPTox, e.outreach, MicroPath, and EMR II platforms. These integrations vary in nature, so to learn what you can expect to invest in and receive from a digital faxing project, we invite you to schedule a conversation with our highly knowledgeable solutions engineers.

From preliminary analysis to follow-up training and RightFax support, we look forward to helping transform your document processes into a modern, streamlined, and cost-effective workflow. Please contact us today to find out more or arrange a private consultation or demonstration.

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